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The Extras policies pages in the wiki need some love

Idea from

ThorstenLeemhuis (thl)


December 2006

People Working on it (Add your name below)

  1. JohnBabich - Glad to help!

Details what do

The idea is to have a small digest section in each of the policy documents ([1] ) that people can read in less then two or three minutes to get a quick overview of the policy without getting bored by reading all endless details. This digest section is also meant to be included on the Policy front page to form a document that will give a quick overview about all relevant documents. New contributors can read it to get a feeling how the work is done in Fedora Extras land without knowing each and every detail.

The different policy pages further should need some re-formating and re-wording to provide a unique look and feel.

Don't fear editing the policy pages and or rewording the stuff! They are not locked and every contributor is meant to Edit them -- that's why they are in a wiki! Only new additions/rules should get ACked by a FESCo member. If you feel unsafe simply go ahead and do you changes do the wiki. When you finished them tell a FESCo member about it so he can check them.