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Orbital Laser Firing Requests

This page is for requesting operations of the Fedora Orbital Laser that administrators must perform. Such tasks include large scale surface destruction and, when the capability is implemented, large scale mind control.

Add Orbital Laser administrative requests by editing this wiki page.' You must register a wiki account to edit this page, and you must be a member of the OrbitalLaserControl group.

Do not use this page for requests about operations on other Fedora-related destructive devices, or the marketing department.

Destruction Requests

Please note: This is not an automated process, this is done by humans who watch for changes to this page.

* 00:0D:93:3A:A6:BA
* Denmark TomCallaway
* TomCallaway Denmark
* Russian tanks, approaching Germany

Mind Control Requests

Please note that mind control capability is not expected to be implemented until FC17.
* Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin, Moscow, Russia