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This page could probably be deleted... Doesn't seem to be much useful information.

Reference Mandrake RPM Macros

This page exists to aid in conversion of Mandrake packages to Fedora.

Most macro's can be found if you take a minute or two to study the files /usr/lib/rpm/macros and /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/macros on your own system.

%nil                    %{!?nil}

%_usr                   /usr
%_usrsrc                %{_usr}/src
%_var                   /var

%__awk                  gawk
%__bzip2                /usr/bin/bzip2
%__cat                  /bin/cat
%__chgrp                /bin/chgrp
%__chmod                /bin/chmod
%__chown                /bin/chown
%__cp                   /bin/cp
%__cpio                 /bin/cpio
%__file                 /usr/bin/file
%__gpg                  /usr/bin/gpg
%__grep                 /bin/grep
%__gzip                 /usr/bin/gzip
%__id                   /bin/id
%__install              /usr/bin/install
%__ln_s                 ln -s
%__make                 /usr/bin/make
%__mkdir                /bin/mkdir
%__mkdir_p              /bin/mkdir -p
%__mv                   /bin/mv
%__patch                /usr/bin/patch
%__perl                 /usr/bin/perl
%__pgp                  /usr/bin/pgp
%__python               /usr/bin/python
%__rm                   /bin/rm
%__rsh                  /usr/bin/rsh
%__sed                  /bin/sed
%__ssh                  /usr/bin/ssh
%__tar                  /bin/tar
%__unzip                /usr/bin/unzip

%__ar                   ar
%__as                   as
%__cc                   gcc
%__cpp                  gcc -E
%__cxx                  g++
%__ld                   /usr/bin/ld
%__nm                   /usr/bin/nm
%__objcopy              /usr/bin/objcopy
%__objdump              /usr/bin/objdump
%__ranlib               ranlib
%__remsh                %{__rsh}
%__strip                /usr/bin/strip

%__libtoolize           libtoolize
%__aclocal              aclocal
%__autoheader           autoheader
%__automake             automake
%__autoconf             autoconf

%_builddir              %{_topdir}/BUILD

%_buildshell            /bin/sh

%_bzip2bin              %{__bzip2}

%_dbpath                %{_var}/lib/rpm

%_dbpath_rebuild        %{_dbpath}

%__debug_install_post   \
/usr/lib/rpm/ %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}\

%debug_package \
%ifnarch noarch\
%global __debug_package 1\
%package debug\
Summary: Debug information for package %{name}\
Group: Development/Debug\
AutoReqProv?: 0\
%description debug\
This package provides debug information for package %{name}.\
Debug information is useful when developing applications that use this\
package or when debugging this package.\
%files debug -f debugfiles.list\

%_enable_debug_packages 1

%install %{?_enable_debug_packages:%{?buildsubdir:%{debug_package} } }\

%_defaultdocdir         %{_usr}/doc

%_gzipbin               %{__gzip}

%_instchangelog         5

%_pgpbin                %{__pgp}

%_rpmdir                %{_topdir}/RPMS

%_rpmfilename           %{_build_name_fmt}

%_signature             none

%_sourcedir             %{_topdir}/SOURCES

%_specdir               %{_topdir}/SPECS

%_srcrpmdir             %{_topdir}/SRPMS

%_tmppath               %{_var}/tmp

%_topdir                %{_usrsrc}/RPM

%_unzipbin              %{__unzip}

%perl_vendorarch        %(eval "<code>perl -V:installvendorarch</code>"; echo $installvendorarch)
%perl_vendorlib %(eval "<code>perl -V:installvendorlib</code>"; echo $installvendorlib)

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