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scop, all

Start date

August 28, 2006.


  • New toolset feature to speed up dynamic lib linking by ~50%.
  • Get all packages built with the new and reduced set of packages installed in the default mock buildroots.
  • Make sure all packagers/contributors are still around just like we did during the mass rebuild for FC5.


  • Manual rebuild again, primarily taken care of package maintainers.
  • A "needs.rebuild" file will be placed in every package's devel branch in CVS on Aug 28 by scop; maintainers either bump the EVR and rebuild their package and remove the file, or remove it with a commit message that describes why no rebuild is needed. As a general rule, all (yes, ALL) packages except large ones containing static content (eg. some game data packages) are expected to be rebuilt. Note: remember to do "cvs up" in your package directories to get the needs.rebuild file checked out so it can be taken care of.
  • Although the order in which packages are rebuilt is generally not that important, packages shipping static libraries should be prioritized so that other (few) apps in FE using those static libs get the freshly rebuilt code compiled in them. (Note however that static libs should still be usually excluded and packages built against shared ones whenever possible.)


  • Builders have all been updated to use mock 0.6, minimal buildroots are in effect now.
  • needs.rebuild has been committed to all packages' devel branch on Aug 28.
  • Packagers have 3 weeks (ie. until September 18) to rebuild, just like in the AWOL policy.
  • Re-rebuild of packages that were built with a buggy gcc was done.
  • Packages with broken dependencies were dropped from the package repository.
  • Packages which remained orphaned and removed from the package repo close to Extras FC6 branch time had their devel CVS branch cleaned up and marked as dead.
  • Removed packages were removed also from
  • Notes for the next rebuild:
  • next time tell packagers more clearly that there packages will be orphaned if they don't rebuild them in time
  • the exact date and time of the annoucement are the definite cut-of-time -- make this clear from the begining that even packages that were build one day earlier need a rebuild. Sure, that's silly often, but we have to set a cut-off-time somewhere...
  • the biggest problem was communication even though the process was fairly well documented - it turned out that several packagers simply weren't reading the lists
  • check for packages with old disttag


  • Packagers who rebuild orphaned packages without unorphaning implicitly get ownership of the packages in question.