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Mass rebuild of Fedora Extras before FC5 and how to handle orphaned packges for FC5


See this Thread for details of the problem. In short: gcc 4.1, modular X, clean up old stuff


  • Timeframe: When we get a "go" from core -> probably around test3
  • We already have a general Tracker Bug -- we should have some for issues specific to x86_64 and ppc; and maybe a BugSink named "FE5Target-Orphaned"
  • Orphaned Packages will be droped if no one steps up to maintain them
  • dependency order will probably be ignored if no one steps up with a rought solution until we get our "go" from core
  • clean up devel tree of old (old= 1:older that a specific date; 2:obsoleted by a newer version; 3: still fc4 as disstag) packages before branching/when FC5 is released


  • what happens with packages nobody rebuilds?
  • what happens if a package has a official maintainer, but does not rebuild his packages in (let's say) 10 days after the official mass rebuild was proclaimed?