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Minutes of the Fedora Extras Steering Committee 19 May 2005


  • Tom Callaway
  • Colin Charles
  • Greg DeKoenigsberg
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Dave Lawrence
  • Elliot Lee
  • Dams Nade
  • Enrico Scholtz
  • Michael Schwendt
  • Ville Skytta
  • Seth Vidal


  • Jesse Keating

Action Items:

  • New package process
  • Fedora Infrastructure components in bugzilla. Jeremy to send the list to Dave for real after the meeting.
  • Trusted volunteers to help admin Seth is working on this one with some interested parties. Thus, done.
  • Sponsorship document. Greg has been busy, this may end up being mostly a FUDCon2 item.
  • PPC Build Box. Work with IBM is proceeding, although slowly. Jeremy to investigate just buying a box at the same time.
  • Build system. Basics are done and in place. Seth will continue to provide status as needed.
  • FE4 builds for ppc. Seth has synced up the noarch builds. Jeremy to get notting's script and then try to ensure things are synced up. Ville is planning on doing a number of builds to help with this tonight as well.
  • Fedora Traffic. Placing on is proving slow. Going to look at interim (or additionally) having at
  • Seth questions how to get more people involved in things other than packaging. Then the network broke, so we agreed to continue the discussion via mail and come back to it next week