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Fedora Extras Steering Committee June 9th 2005

Meeting start: 17:00 UTC


  • Enrico
  • Greg
  • Michael
  • Ville
  • Elliot
  • Colin
  • Seth


  • Jeremy

Action Items:

  • Package request process - Warren & Dave working alongside; Email to fesco-list about it
  • Sponsorship - Sponsor duties:

a) Sponsors should educate! b) We nominate them here! - Ignacio is now a sponsor

  • PPC build box - Jeremy sent email, saying we do have a budget. Being shipped to Elliot, it will get setup, and be shipped out in the next Phoenix trip - in July (?)

- Direct response to this is that x86/x86_64/ppc will be in Mesa colocation, and that can be where the build system is

  • Fedora Extras 4/PPC builds - this is done. Complete.
  • We may want a wiki theme, titled "fedora" - assign this to Marketing
  • Fedora Extras 4 "release" - let's announce FE4 when we announce FC4
  • Michael/Ville brought up processing items on the FC4Status page and cleaning it up - i.e. removing obsolete packages and unwanted builds. Seth will work on this. If help is required, Elliot or Notting will get pulled in on this.
  • Plan to move Fedora Extras 3 and Fedora Core 3 to Legacy - P2, we need Jesse present, so leaving till later
  • Wiki names/user names - Unanimous decision to allow users to have free reign to what they want to call themselves.

Completed Items:

  • Fedora Extras 4/PPC builds - not done in Melbourne anymore, but in Seth's office where the rest of the buildsystems are
  • Fedora Traffic - moving out to marketing now

Meeting ended 17:30 UTC