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Fedora Extras Steering Committee

1 September 2005


  • Colin Charles
  • Greg DeKoenigsberg
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Jesse Keating
  • Elliot Lee
  • Dams Nade
  • Adrian Reber
  • Michael Schwendt
  • Enrico Scholz
  • Ville Skytta
  • Thomas Vander Stichele
  • Seth Vidal


  • Dave Lawrence
  • Warren Togami


  • Package reviewer rewards. No progress, Elliot is busy finishing up Summer of Code stuff
  • Build system seems to be healthy and working well at this point.
  • Colin brings up that a lot of people aren't on/don't follow -extras-commits. We're going to change the recommendation to a suggestion that you be on -extras-commits (eg, to follow your packages) and change the reply-to to point to fedora-extras-list.
  • Meandering discussion about the email contact thread from fedora-maintainers. There's not really much that can be done other than being aware or the problems.