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Fedora Extras Steering Committee

8 September 2005


  • Tom Callaway
  • Greg DeKoenigsberg
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Jesse Keating
  • Michael Schwendt
  • Ville Skytta
  • Thomas Vander Stichele


  • Seth Vidal

Action items

  • Licensing text in packages. Legal is still investigating. As an interim step, for all packages with a standalone license file, they MUST be included as %doc. For packages without, the packager SHOULD contact upstream and ask that they include one. For perl packages licensed under the artistic license or GPL, a comment in the %files section of the spec file will suffice.
  • FESCO attendance. The recent license text discussion brings up the spotty attendance of fesco meetings and thus associated confusion. Therefore, we are going to go in the direction of the following:

1. Announce to FESCO that meeting attendance is mandatory, and why. Encourage current FESCO members to either (a) attend the majority of the meetings, or (b) step aside. 1. Announce our intention to vote on important issues at meetings with discussions occuring primarily on-list, with meetings intended to address key disagreements directly.

  • Package reviewer rewards, tabled for now.
  • Extras comps work. Eric Meyers has gone off and made some progress, but no responses due to lack of time from pretty much everyone
  • Bugzilla spam. We can set up filters in mailman for stuff, it just needs someone who understands mailman filtering
  • How do we have people contact FESCO? Use fedora-extras-list. If an escalation is needed and no one takes the bait, you can email gdk directly.