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Fedora Extras Steering Committee

27 October 2005


  • Greg DeKoenigsberg
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Jesse Keating
  • Elliot Lee
  • Thorsten Leemhuis
  • Dams Nade
  • jpo
  • Enrico Scholz
  • Warren Togami
  • Thomas Vander Stichele
  • Seth Vidal


  • Colin Charles
  • Ville Skytta


  • Package purging. Seth hasn't had a chance to look at, will get to before next week
  • Account expiration. Still awaiting update from Colin
  • Sponsorship. Jeremy notes that having more regular runs of Elliot's metrics would help a ton in this.
  • Elliot says the networking for fedora stuff is about to be changing and we'll be able to start doing logins for build machines, etc. More to come in the future.
  • Long discussion about Legacy and use of fedora systems. Greg will take to the Foundation board
  • Kernel module packaging proposal
  • General direction is good
  • File list. Jeremy feels we shouldn't paper over rpm bugs with spec magic and commits some time to looking at the rpm bug (#158577)
  • Targeting right now >= devel (FC5). Once we have things working, we'll look at backporting necessary pieces to FC4-updates
  • Use of ExclusiveArch for architectures seems reasonable
  • Creation of debuginfo packages. Might make sense to create a convenience macro. Probably needs to be in redhat-rpm-config if so
  • Thomas asked about parallel install of kernel-devel stuff. Jeremy thinks this is fine, if not, file a bug and cc him.
  • SRPM naming... having one SRPM per kernel version is no fun for mirror space, but probably the right thing to do.
  • Requirement between userspace and kmod can probably just be version based.
  • thl will update based on feedback and we'll try to get some closure. Jeremy is going to talk with davej about it.