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Present from FESCo: thl, warren, ensc, thomasvs, scop, skvidal


  • Mass rebuild of Extras for FC5
  • See
  • most things rebuilt
  • if some of your packages do not build, and you won't fix them, you can announce them as orphans
  • the rest: leave the remaining things as they are and create bug reports for the rest
  • bug reports should be created by maintainers (who have time until next Thursday to do so)
  • ensc will see if he can recover his 2002 massmailer script for this purpose
  • scop to ask mschwendt to send a mail about all currently missing deps using repoclosure
  • branching of CVS for FC5
  • jeremy plans on doing this on Monday, list will be warned, repo will be locked. Jeremy will deal with the floodgates reliably and responsibly as decided by consensus.
  • orphaned packages might get their "devel" branches removed from CVS completely, but this will be discussed after FC5 is out
  • Kernel module standardization
  • xen changes were fine
  • buildsys issues still unclear
  • deferred to next week
  • Weekly sponsorship nomination
  • Toshio Kuratomi: accepted
  • Free discussion
  • scop asks for fedora-usermgmt noise stoppage, agreed upon but countered with request for solution