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2007 July 05 FESCo Meeting



  • Brian Pepple (bpepple)
  • Jason Tibbitts (tibbs)
  • Jesse Keating (f13)
  • Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999)
  • Bill Nottingham (notting)
  • Kevin Fenzi (nirik)
  • Jeremy Katz (jeremy)
  • Christian Iseli (c4chris)
  • Warren Togami (warren)
  • Tom Callaway (spot)


  • Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)
  • Josh Boyer (jwb)
  • Rex Dieter (rdieter)


FESCo election voting method

Feature Policy Draft

  • FESCo approved John Poelstra's Feature Policy Draft, with the caveat that spot's suggestion regarding the drafting of ideas be incorporated into the policy.

perl-devel in buildroot

  • FESCo approved a proposal to remove perl-devel from the buildroot. Many of the FESCo members are willing to help fix the perl modules effected by this decision.

IRC log can be found at: