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2007 November 15 FESCo Meeting



  • Brian Pepple (bpepple)
  • Jason Tibbitts (tibbs)
  • Jesse Keating (f13)
  • Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)
  • Bill Nottingham (notting)
  • Warren Togami (warren)
  • Jeremy Katz (jeremy)
  • Christopher Aillon (caillon)
  • David Woodhouse (dwmw2)
  • Christian Iseli (c4chris)
  • Kevin Fenzi (nirik)


  • Tom Callaway (spot)
  • Josh Boyer (jwb)

Other Participants

  • John Poelstra (poelcat)
  • Will Woods (wwoods)
  • Matthias Clasen (mclasen)


Feature Process

  • Long discussion on fixing parts of the Feature Process based on F8 experience. Quick & dirty summary (for more details, please refer to the irc log):
  • Worked on clarifying definition of 'feature' some more.
  • Frequency of feature page updates. 1) update is required before Beta release. 2) updates are preferred before Alpha release. 3) *after* Beta release, updates are required every 2 weeks
  • Features need to be at 100% completion by the release schedules final freeze. Sometimes that may entail by adjusting the feature page to reflect whats going to be in the release.

Proposed F9 Schedule

IRC log can be found at: