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Members Present

* Jon Stanley (jds2001)
* Kevin Fenzi (nirik)
* Dan Horak (sharkcz)
* Josh Boyer (jwb)
* Brian Pepple (bpepple)
* Bill Nottingham (notting)
* David Woodhouse (dwmw2)
* Jarod Wilson (j-rod)
* Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)

Members Absent

Threat Assessment

FESCo agreed unanimously to make the threat assessment conducted by Mike McGrath public once some inaccuracies noted by Dennis are corrected.

FPC Report

FESCo approved the Wordpress plugins guideline by a 9-0 vote.

FESCo approved the guidelines for common package name conflicts by a 8-0 vote.

FESCo approved the alternatives guidelines by a 9-0 vote.

Feature: liblvm - Features/liblvm

FESCo added some questions to the Talk section, and tabled discussion until the feature owner could respond.

Feature: Dracut - Features/Dracut

FESCo approved dracut by a 7-0 vote, and voiced that it should receive a lot of testing.

Fedora 11 gcc-4.4 feature incomplete

FESCo noted that this feature listed completion at 70%, and contacted the maintainer about it getting properly updated with what we were actually shipping.

rel-eng questions

Release engineering asked if FESCo objected to repodata signing, or continued work on deltarpm support for Fedora 11 and rawhide. There were no objections.

zsync shipping internal zlib

FESCo generally disapproved of the idea of zsync shipping its own internal zlib, and offered alternative suggestions for implementation. There was no vote.

Meeting log

For more information, see the full meeting log.