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Members Present

* Jon Stanley (jds2001)
* Kevin Fenzi (nirik)
* Dan Horak (sharkcz)
* Josh Boyer (jwb)
* Brian Pepple (bpepple)
* Bill Nottingham (notting)
* David Woodhouse (dwmw2)
* Jarod Wilson (j-rod)

Members Absent

* Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)

Fedora 12 schedule

FESCo approved rel-eng's proposed Fedora 12 schedule by a 7-0 vote.

Feature: liblvm

FESCo approved liblvm as a Fedora 12 feature by a 5-0 vote.

Figure out what to do about deactivated maintainers

FESCo approved orphaning any packages still owned by maintainers with deactivated accounts by general acclamation.

Special exception for maven packages

FESCo, by a 6-0 vote, approved a special repository to be used for rebasing maven in dist-f12 that may have packages that have not yet undergone full review. FESCo tasked FPC with coming up with a special set of pre-review guidelines that the packages must still meet, and the packages must undergo full review before landing in dist-f12.

Would be good if there was an acl for "let all packagers edit this package" in pkgdb

FESCo agrees that the concept is OK, but there are a variety of implementation issues that would need addressed first.

ppc as a secondary architecture

There was a lot of preliminary discussion about PPC's status as a primary architecture now that the Board removed the restriction requiring it to remain a primary architecture. A final decision was postponed to the following meeting, as this was not actually on the agenda for this week.

Meeting log

For more information, see the full meeting log.