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Members Present

* Jon Stanley (jds2001)
* Kevin Fenzi (nirik)
* Dan Horak (sharkcz)
* Josh Boyer (jwb)
* Brian Pepple (bpepple)
* Bill Nottingham (notting)
* David Woodhouse (dwmw2)
* Jarod Wilson (j-rod)

Members Absent

* Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)

provenpackager request - iarnell

Iain Arnell was approved for provenpackager by a 8-0 vote.

provenpackager request - hadess

Bastien Nocera was approved for provenpackager by a 8-0 vote.

Feature: OSGi Auto Dependencies - Features/OSGiAutoDeps

FESCo voted 7-0 that OSGI be referred to the Fedora Packaging Committee as a packaging guideline, not as a Fedora 12 feature.

FESCo should allow non packagers to be committee members

FESCo voted 5-0 (with three abstentions) to not change the current requirement that FESCo nominees be part of the packager group. Discussion indicated that:

  • technical issues (FPC reports, features) are approved by FESCo
  • membership in packager is not a large hurdle
  • there have yet to be anyone who has expressed interest in running that would need this exception, even in the mail thread that spawned this

The issue is open for revisiting if conditions warrant and candidates arise that would require it.

Revert the recently published Flag policy

After a lot of discussion, FESCo voted 6-0 to:

  • revert/suspend the policy approved the prior week
  • have people look into the issues and gather data (requirements of various locales, number of packages affected, etc.)
  • craft a policy based on further data, or decide that one is not required at all

Andreas Thienemann volunteered to gather data; Kevin Fenzi volunteered to assist as time permits.

Meeting log

For more information, see the full meeting log.