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Nominations - 06.2006

Put your nominations here and keep them in alphabetic order (by surname please).

Andreas Bierfert (awjb)

  • Mission Statement:

Help the fedora project grow better and beyond what it is today. The project has grown long ways since days but no need to stop here. There is still enough stuff to do and more people to get involved with FE.

  • Past work summary:

I first got involved with the fedora project at I was not that active back then and it took me a while to get as active as I wanted to be. Over time I somehow managed to get a bunch of packages into FE, some more and some less important. I also maintain a few packages at some well known 3rd party repository and helped a bit with the FC5 rebuild of it.

  • Future plans:
  • Better integrate FE packages with Core
  • Better communication between Core and Extras
  • Improve FE stability, reliability
  • Package webinterface (finally get something going)
  • Better x86_64 support (there are still some rough edges)
  • Make FE packages a done deal (meaning of this: Sure we have a lot of packages in FE but what would be great is to have all of them work charming out of the box. Some points here are: Desktop integration (style, default applications), service integration (system-config-),... So this is an enhancement but usability would greatly be improved).
  • got some other projects in mind but lets fix the important stuff first... :)

Josh Boyer (jwboyer)

  • Mission Statement:

To aid in the advancement and integration of Fedora Extras into the overall Fedora Project, and to work towards a vibrant and responsive developer community.

  • Past work summary:

My past work history is a bit limited in comparison with some other candidates. I maintain about 5 packages (meanwhile, gaim-meanwhile, quilt, gquilt, and tla) and participate in reviews when I can. I'm fairly active on the mailing lists, and try to attend the FESCo meetings whenever possible.

  • Future Plans:
  • Lower some of the hurdles for getting packages into Extras
  • Work on infrastructre issues that come up
  • Push to blur the lines between Extras and Core as much as possible
  • Help developers whenever needed

Tom "spot" Callaway (spot)

View my wiki page here: TomCallaway

  • Mission Statement:

To continue to shape and evolve the packaging standards for Fedora, to serve as a liaison between Red Hat and the open source community, and to help resolve the inevitable issues that the growing Fedora Extras ecosystem faces.

  • Past work summary:

I have been responsible for defining the packaging standards and guidelines for Fedora Extras since the inception of "Fedora Extras". I've been employed by Red Hat for more than 5 years, and I've been active in open source and Linux for almost 10 years. I maintain a port of Fedora Core to SPARC, called Aurora SPARC Linux, with two major releases to date. At one point, I was responsible for more package reviews that any other contributor, and I have sponsored more than 25 new packagers.

  • Future plans:
  • Assist in the creation of a Fedora Packaging committee.
  • Work towards enabling Fedora to truly grow beyond x86/x86_64, with a multiple tiered architecture model
  • Continue to grow and revise Fedora Packaging guidelines

Rex Dieter (rdieter)

View my wiki page here: RexDieter

  • Mission Statement:

Break down the barriers between Core and Extras. My primary motivation is UnleashKDE , but I believe this will also increase community involvement in the Fedora Project.

  • Past work summary:

I founded the KDE Red Hat project in the Fall of 2002 with the overall goal of improving the KDE/Fedora experience (see recent interview on ). I am a currently a member of the Fedora Project Board .

  • Future plans:
  • Liason with the Fedora Project Board and Fedora Packaging committees
  • Work to clarify/simplify Fedora Packaging guidelines
  • Continue to review kde-related Extras submissions

Kevin Fenzi (nirik)

  • Mission Statement:

I hope to assist with helping new packagers, reviewing packages, and provding a sysadmin perspective to new policies.

  • Past work summary:

I have been using UNIX since 1992 and Linux since 1995 (Starting with the Red Hat mothers day release :) I work for as a full time Linux sysadmin working with a diverse mix of Linux hosts. I maintain the Xfce packages for Fedora Extras, along with a number of other packages. I have reviewed a number of packages and sponsored a number of folks. I am very active on the #fedora-extras irc channel.

  • Future plans:
  • Continue to review and sponsor new contributors.
  • Help with adding/modifying documentation to make it easier to contribute.
  • Help make the IRC channel a helpfull place for contributors and end users.
  • Perhaps setup a "triage"/QA group that could run simple checks on new package review submissions.
  • Help form some more concrete policies for orphan packages.
  • Help try and make sure new policies scale as extras grows.
  • Consider better ways to advertise/run Review Days.

Dennis Gilmore (ausil) irc (dgilmore)

  • Mission Statement:

To ensure that extras gets the security treatment it deserves and that it grows in a stable and strong manner. Help to ensure that fedora takes positive steps forward.

  • Past work summary

I maintain a handful of packages in extras. I am a member of the Security Response Team (which is new and will be growing more). I maintain a port of extras for Aurora SPARC Linux.

  • Future plans
  • Work with the security Team to make sure that we are as proactive as

possible in regards to security.

  • Work towards enabling Fedora to become truly cross platform.

Christian Iseli (c4chris)

View my wiki page here: ChristianIseli

  • Mission Statement:

Improve QA, automate all the tasks that can be, and attract more bioinformatics packages.

  • Past work summary:

I started the ["Extras/PackageStatus"] page, did some QA work and reviews as time permitted, and tried to organize some QA thoughts on ["Extras/SIGs/QA"] .

  • Future plans:
  • Make the QA SIG fly
  • Help where I can...

Jeremy Katz (jeremy)

  • Mission Statement

To continue to help move Fedora Extras forward as well as ensuring that issues which are relvant to both Core and Extras are resolved in a way that is beneficial to both.

  • Past work summary

I have helped in many of the necessary aspects including defining policies, writing code for the build system as well as administration of infrastructure. I'm a member of the Fedora Project Board and lead many of the efforts within Fedora Core.

  • Future plans
  • Work towards increasing convergance of Fedora Core and Extras
  • Continuing to grow the Fedora community
  • Working to fix internal Red Hat roadblocks regarding to Fedora

Michael J. Knox (mjk)

  • Mission Statement

To assist in keeping the high standard of packaging in Extras

  • Past work summary

Seeing as I have only been a Fedora Extras contibutor for not even a month yet, its hard to give a summary. I am still new to the Fedora Extras community, however, I have claimed 9 orphaned packages (co maintaining one) and made changes to the orphaned packages wiki to accommodate a retired package status. I also have several packages in BZ for review. I am an active ambassador for Fedora in New Zealand and assist in the free media project.

I have also recently become a member of the Extras QA/SIG group and looking at ways to improve the information flow from bugzilla to users with Christian, also of the Extras QA/SIG group.

  • Future plans

By working with the QA/SIG group, I hope to work on providing better QA overall. Using information like to improve the overall status and quailty of Fedora Extras. Work with the other FESCo members on policies for handling EOL/Retired/Orphaned packages in an effecient manner. Work on ways to improve the reveiw process to encourage more people to a) do reveiws b) provide more packages. Where ever possible, stream line efforts to avoid too much over head on peoples volunteered time.

Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999)

  • Mision Statement

Aid developer collaboration and make it easier to stay up to date with the torrent of developer relevant Fedora information.

  • Past work summary

When I started packaging for Red Hat Linux 4.0 and rhcontrib|net all of our best practices were pieced together from bits of information from contrib-list, rpm-list, and examining the packages that came out of Red Hat. Since joining the Fedora Project I've continued to collect best practices that aren't part of the official guidelines through the ScriptletSnippets wiki page and putting together a checklist program to help with QA (which is sadly in need of updating from the days). I maintain a few python and GNOME packages in Extras review the same sorts of packages when I have time.

  • Future plans

Things I want to work on fall into two areas; organizing developer information coming out of the Project and getting packagers to work more closely with one another:

  • Create an easy way to watch cvs, bugzilla, and repository changes to packages you're interested in.
  • Push forward infrastructure and initiatives for co-maintained packages.
  • Help with Core/Extras integration any way I can.
  • Work on enhancing repoview if icon doesn't have time for it anymore.

Thorsten Leemhuis (thl)

View my wiki page.

  • Mission Statement

Continue to help the growing of Fedora Extras. Realize most of those ideas for improvement that exist in the Fedora Extras community that were not yet realized (read: forgotten) and get more contributors involved in Fedora Extras infrastructure work while at it.

  • Past work summary

I started packaging for in late 2003; got also involved in a major 3rd party repo that was split off after the RHL <-> merge shortly after that. One of my first packages in were the alsa-drivers for FC1; I can't get rid of kernel modules since then (don't know why). Joined FESCo during the second FUDCon on LinuxTAG 2005. Got frustrated about the (missing) kernel module standard for Fedora Extras so I looked closer at it and tried to actually get a standard for them in place during fall 2005. The rough edges are done now -- but still needs a bit fine tuning. Was elected as the second FESCo chair in early 2006.

  • Future plans

Well, there are a lot of things that I'd like to get done myself or where I'd like to help to get them forward in the future -- it's a long (incomplete) list and it will need some time to get them all done:

  • a more active FESCo that get more things done
  • better communication between FESCo and the community
  • get the community better involved into FESCo discussions and decisions
  • better documentation ("How does FESCo work" and Extras in general)
  • get a proper "legal team" running
  • get a proper "packaging team" running that discusses and maintains the Packaging Guidelines together with FESCo
  • close the gap between Core and Extras as far as possible
  • Co-maintainership
  • help getting some things in shape like (just some random ideas -- some of them are not more than rough ideas atm)
  • weekly reports for Fedora Extras (new packages, major happenings in Extras land)
  • automatic QA checks for build packages before pushing
  • Better web interface (with search-function) for packages in Extras
  • get a QA group running that does some basic checks/cleanups of the repo and its infrastructure now and then
  • get a QA-watch group running that watches Extras-commits-list closely
  • enhancements for extras-commits-list like (for example: packagers should get an additional mail if someone else changes their packages; Sponsors should get mails if one of those they sponsor commits something to cvs.)
  • scratch repo and/or use "Extras Testing" and let all updated to non-devel repos hang out there round about three or six days until they are pushed to the proper repo (seems I'm quite alone with this opionion).

Jose-Pedro Oliviera (jpo)

Jose-Pedro Oliviera (jpo) is in the current FESCo and nominated for the new FESCo by skvidal

Brian Pepple (bpepple)

View my wiki page here: BrianPepple

  • Mission Statement:

To assist in helping Fedora grow, and to contribute in upcoming Fedora Extras infrastructure work.

  • Past work summary:

First got involved with Fedora back in the days while packaging gnome-blog. Have been active in reviewing packages for FE since then.

Outside of Fedora, I've been an active contributor to several GNOME projects, most notably Gossip and XChat-GNOME.

  • Future Plans:
  • Create a Mono SIG, to help with the review process for Mono packages.
  • Work on packaging guidelines for Mono package

Michael Schwendt (mschwendt)

Michael Schwendt is in the current FESCo and nominated for the new FESCo as contingent by skvidal (contingent: if no one else wants it - they will step up and do the job)

Ville Skyttä (scop)

VilleSkyttä is in the current FESCo and nominated for the new FESCo as contingent by skvidal (contingent: if no one else wants it - they will step up and do the job)

Jason Tibbitts (tibbs)

Check me out.

  • Mission Statement

I hope to work on the package review process, streamlining it and improving existing documentation and policy.

  • Past work summary

In the context of Fedora Extras, lately I've been working on keeping the length of the FE-NEW queue down and making sure that packagers get at least a comment about their package. I'm responsible for over one hundred reviews (either completed or in progress) at this point.
I'm on the Fedora Security team, and a member of various Extras SIGs.
I've been a Unix system administrator for seventeen years and a Linux user for at least twelve years. (It's tough to remember back that far.)

  • Future plans

I am somewhat time limited, but here is what I'd like to work on:

  • Adding additional checks to rpmlint and making it handle certain types of packages better (Perl modules in particular).
  • Working on a method where packgers could submit SRPMs for building and rpmlint checking so that they can fix many basic bugs without needing a reviewer to run the package through mock.
  • Fleshing out the policies for the developing security team.

Warren Togami (wtogami)

Warren Togami is in the current FESCo and nominated for the new FESCo by skvidal

Seth Vidal (skvidal)

Seth Vidal is in the current FESCo and nominated for the new FESCo as contingent by skvidal (contingent: if no one else wants it - they will step up and do the job)