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For hardware only supported upstream

The "XXXX" driver is supplied as-is, and is supported only by the upstream driver maintainer(s) and/or XXXX themselves. In order to debug and/or troubleshoot issues such as this, it requires physical access to the specific hardware the problem is occuring with, and also detailed technical specifications of that hardware, of which we have neither currently.

Please file a bug report at [1] about your wacom driver problem, including all details, and attach your X server log file and config file to the bug report using the bugzilla file attachment feature.

Provide the URL to your upstream bug report here if you would like me to track the upstream bug report and investigate any fixes/changes that makes to the driver. Also, if you are aware of any patches that fix the problem for you, feel free to attach them to the bug report for review for potential inclusion in future updates.

You may also wish to discuss the problem on the mailing list, or search the archives to see if others have had this problem as well.

This will provide the best opportunity to see your problem addressed in the future. Please attach the upstream bug report URL to a comment here once you've filed your report to

Thanks, hope this helps.

Examples of "XXXX":

  • Wacom

Video Games

Video game related bug reports should be filed upstream at [2] with complete details of the problem, the video hardware and system being used, a copy of the X server log and config file, and /var/log/messages from the time of failure. The upstream group of developers working on 3D can then address the issue, and if they fix it or a patch becomes available, Red Hat will review it and consider it for inclusion in future XFree86 updates.