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Common Build and Packaging Problems on x86_64 and how to solve them

  • Pointer / int problems: on x86_64, pointers are long, not int. See bug 158646 for an example of how to solve this problem.
  • 64bit libraries live under /usr/lib64: if you use "%configure; make ; %makeinstall", etc, you should be ok.

ToDo List (most of this normally should have a bug report in bugzilla assigned)

  • mknbi: Should we copy the i386 one over to the x86_64 tree? Probably a x86_64 version is not very interesting; Someone who knows this stuff should llok into it.
  • are there other i386 packages that might be interesting for the x86_64 tree?

General Status

Packages that are missing in x86_64-fedora-extras because...

  • ...they are only of interest for i386:
  • atitvout
  • configure-thinkpad
  • i8kutils
  • lrmi
  • vbetest
  • s3switch
  • tpctl
  • apmiser
  • tripwire
  • ...have deeper problems on x86_64 that probably never get fixed
  • apt
  • synaptic
  • python-psyco
  • ...something else
  • FC3:
  • GtkAda: missing because there is no gcc-gnat in x86_64-core