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This page contains a list of audio recordings and podcasts prepared for marketing the Fedora 11 release.

Ogg files
Ogg Vorbis is a free and open high quality audio format and browsers like Firefox 3.5 use it as part of HTML 5 standard. It is supported out of the box by all media players in Fedora

General interviews

  • Jack Aboutboul interviews Jesse Keating, Fedora Release Engineer -- 28:38 -- Ogg Vorbis (13 MB) | MP3 (26 MB)
  • Jack Aboutboul interviews Spot Callaway, Fedora Engineering Manager -- 21:46 -- Ogg Vorbis (16MB) | MP3 (20MB)
  • Henrik Heigl interviews Christoph Wickert for FUDCON/Linuxtag 2009, in German --10:07 -- Ogg Vorbis (3MB)
  • Max Spevack interviews Dimitris Glezos and Diego Búrigo Zacarão, Fedora Localization -- 15:00 -- Ogg Vorbis (11MB)

Fedora Community portal

The Fedora Community, going live June, 2009, is one-stop place to a finger on the pulse of Fedora. In this two-part podcast hosted by Máirín Duffy with Fedora Community creators Luke Macken and John Palmieri, you’ll get the inside scoop on what the Community is, where it is going, and what you can do to help!

Part 1: Learn about the mission of Fedora Community, about how to get started, about how package maintainers’ lives will be made easier, and about how you can get involved! Runtime: about 17 min.

Part 2: Learn more about technical aspects: What went into creating the Fedora Community? What new features might be coming to it after version 1.0? And how will Fedora Community play a role in the future? Runtime: about 24 min.


  • Paul Frields interviews Richard Hughes, maintainer -- 17:51 -- Ogg Vorbis (14 MB) | MP3 (14 MB)

Kernel Mode Setting

  • Jack Aboutboul interviews Adam Jackson, Fedora X Ninja -- 26:10 -- Ogg Vorbis (19MB) | MP3 (24MB)

Presto and Delta RPMs

  • Jack Aboutboul interviews Jonathan Dieter, Presto yum plugin maintainer -- 14:42 -- Ogg Vorbis (7.2MB) | MP3 (13MB)

Fedora Weekly News

Fedora Weekly News produced for Radio Tux in German. You can find these at Henrik Heigl's personal Fedora People space.