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Places to ask

  • FAMSCo
  • Ambassadors mailing list
  • Planet

Things Ambassadors should know about

Ways Marketing can support Ambassadors

Questions Marketing has for Ambassadors

Draft for email briefing ambassadors

Dear fellow ambassadors,

At Marketing FAD, the Marketing Team agreed to do a better job marketing the resources we and other projects create to help Fedora Ambassadors continue to do an amazing job around the world.

We want to share some work that we are developing at this moment. You probably have some ideas to improve this work - and we would love to hear those ideas. The most important thing to know is that there are resources that may be helpful to have at hand when release time comes. These resources will help inform the public and the press.

Our list includes:

The One-Page Release Notes are enhanced by having a collection of pleasant photos of people happily using Fedora. For instance, these photos might include people showing off fedora t-shirts, stickers and pins. All photos should be released under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA or CC-BY) licensing.

Thanks for your contributions. We, at Marketing Team, look forward to helping you all.

Best regards,