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As we have an original agenda in place, we tried to work with it as much as we could. We had difficulty using kaio's internet so we just elected to do a conventional face-to-face meeting.


  • Fedora APAC 2011 Planning
* Meeting IRC practices.
* Meeting will be "broadcast" live over Fedora talk. and also notes will be made in #fedora-meeting.
  • Building up local contributors
  • Talks by ambassadors / Red Hat People

Fedora APAC 2011 Planning


  • asmartgoat owns this item
  • XOs are currently in the process of being shipped to asmartgoat (Australia) and tuanta (Vietnam) by kaio (Brisbane) along with some other swag from LCA2011
  • an XO has been used in the Fedora Booth during Linux Conference Australia Open Day (OLPC Australia has a huge number of units for people to try and our booth is already overflowing with swag)
  • an XO will be carried back by azneita to form part of Philippines' APACK Box
  • the three initial boxes will be filled with the following contents -
  • local ambassadors will put together said boxes and ask for funding/reimbursement thru fedora-apac trac
  • subsequent reports shall be made as to the status of apack boxes and their custodians - probably in the wiki too

Meeting IRC Best Practices

  • didn't tackle this one up

Building up local ambassadors

  • we actually discussed two major items - request for materials and release materials

Request for Materials

  • discussion regarding Request for Materials generally involved how we ask for event funding in APAC. A typical request usually happens this way - (1) ambassador presents his/her event at Regional Meeting for feedback and support, (2) once given favorable feedback, a ticket is created by the ambassador in the FAmSCo trac, (3) FAmSCo then deliberates on the request (go/no-go), (4) spevack/hpillay acts upon approved requests
  • it has been noted that FAmSCo trac is private (only FAmSCo members can see everything in there) and should only be used by FAmSCo members. the correct channel for request for materials is the fedora-apac trac which is open (viewable by anybody with fas access)
  • it has been noted that FAmSCo is also in the process of getting guidelines up regarding this particular item and this discussion is good material for that
  • it has also been suggested that subsequent tickets for request of materials should have a guaranteed window of time wherein feedback from FAmSCo is forthcoming.
  • reasonable expectations regarding requests should be agreeed upon especially regarding timing (i.e. small events should a lead time of a month, big events should have at least 2 months)
  • Examples illustrate use case where materials will be produced after funding. Reimbursements should have quicker timing since production happens before funding.
  • Example1: Small event -> there should be feedback on the ticket one week upon creation, approval/non-approval and corresponding funding two weeks after creation, a buffer of one week and one week to produce the materials (Expected time for funding - 2 weeks; Expected time for materials - one month)
  • Example2: Big event -> there should be feedback on the ticket one week upon creation, approval/non-approval and corresponding funding a week after requirements have been firmed up (should happen within a month after ticket creation), two weeks buffer, two weeks to produce materials (expected time for funding - 1 month; expected time for materials 2 months)
  • Timing for the examples are for illustration purposes only, it should be tweaked incorporating suggestions from the community.

Regular Release Materials

  • It has been suggested that APAC adopt a regular production cycle for Release Materials. Pre-identified POCs across the region will either have the option to produce locally or receive items from a central location, standard pressed media and other swag for use during their release parties and events. Request for such production would be covered by timing expectations for big events.


  • we really should restart this project and this could form part of the Release Materials we'll be sending out to Ambassadors across the region (hopefully in time for F15)

Talks by Ambassadors / Red Hat people

  • azneita presented a talk regarding Fedora Project in the Philippines (slides are File:Fedora project in the philippines.odp) - how we've grown through the years and what we're hoping to achieve in the near future