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Last weekend, the very first Fedora Ambassadors Day (FAD) was held at the Swiss-German border.

GeroldKassube, ChitleshGoorah, FabianAffolter, FlorianBrand, FrancescoUgolini, JensKuehnel and JoergSimon covered the four important and active Countries and regions in EMEA: France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland at the first FAD.

These Fedora Ambassadors have gone though their scheduled agenda, discussed various subjects, agreed/disagreed on many numerous topics, proposed new ideas and planned to organise and participate in as much Linux events as possible.


On the agenda, there were:

  • Status of local contributions to the Fedora Project.
  • Status of newly recruited Fedora Ambassadors
  • Difficulties encountered
  • Some notes from FAMSCo members and Fedora Board members.
  • Next Events and FUDCon in Europe


Among the decisions taken there are:

  • To help new ambassadors with a mentee program
  • To enhance FAMSco voting system
  • To assign via vote one Fedora Ambassador as FAMSCo member who will represent his/her region or continent.
  • Strong presence on FOSDEM,Chemnitz and FROSCON (Hattrick)
  • To provide appropriate support to local community websites in order to spread the message the Fedora way

All these items will be announced soon on the Fedora Ambassadors mailing list.


Some photos of the FAD event:

Meeting Minutes