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  • We chose the Hotel Rochat, in the midst of Basel.
    • Address: Hotel Rochat; Petersgraben 23; Basel; Switzerland
  • Interactive map, showing the hotel's position on the top (in the middle of the red circle) and the Basel SBB train station at the bottom. 200m to the right of the hotel, there's also the nearest tram/bus station 'Schifflände' shown.
  • Interactive map, showing the hotel's position on the left (in the middle of the red circle) and the 'Schifflände' tram/bus station 100m to the right.
  • Free wifi internet access in the lobby and the restaurant.
  • Buffet breakfast included.


By Car

  • PDF describing the way by car.

By Public Transportation

  • From the 'Basel-Mulhouse Euroairport', take bus #50 to the 'Kannenfeldplatz' station and from there bus #36 to the 'Schifflände' station. You could also ride bus #50 to the 'Basel SBB' train station and take tram #8 or #11 from there, but you'd lose ~15min on that way.
  • From the 'Basel SBB' train station, take tram #8 or #11 to the 'Schifflände' station.
  • From the 'Basel Badischer Bahnhof' train station, take tram #6 to the 'Schifflände' station.

Upon arriving at the 'Schifflände' station by bus or tram, look out for a steeple (= a church's tower) between some of the buildings there. Between those buildings, a stair brings you to that church. There's also the entrenceway to a car park next to the stair which you can't overlook.

Follow the path (to which the stair brings you to) until you arrive at the street at the other end of the church (i.e. the station you arrive at is behind the church, you're going to its front). When standing at that street, the hotel is just on your right (without crossing the street).


  • We booked 6 rooms with toilets and showers.
  • 1 quad and 5 triple rooms.
  • Beds for 19 people.
  • We're able to pay for the hotel with our budget.