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FAD Details

  • Date: 7 March 2010 (Last Day of Geek Camp 3.0)
  • Place: Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines
  • Room: Main Conference Hall


  • Magie Antonio
  • Engels Antonio
  • Ryan Baclit
  • Michael Balcos
  • Myra Jill Siason
  • Chivas Sicam
  • other attendees to Geek Camp 3.0


  • Freedom Toaster Building
  • Fedora Philippines Planning, Recruitment and Meetup
  • LiveUSB/LiveCD Giveaways
We need more details with our planned activities to ascertain needed budget.


Title time speaker notes
Lightweight Freedom Toaster morning session Engels Antonio Planning session for Atom-based toaster using Fedora and lcd-mod
Fedora Philippines Planning, Recruitment and Meetup afternoon session Magie Antonio this one will push through
I Am Fedora afternoon session Magie Antonio this one will push through

Needed Stuff / Proposed Budget

Much of the materials would be provided by GeekCamp (like, projector and computers). Some items that would be handy are:

Item Quantity Unit Price Item Cost Note
T-shirts 7 Php 300 Php 2,100
LiveCDs / LiveUSBs 50 will use leftover LiveCDs from previous events
Swag for Attendees 50 Php 50 Php 2,500
Token for Presentors 5 Php 250 Php 2,500
Marketing flyers 200 Php 5 Php 1,000 banners used in SFD 2009 will also be used in addition to the flyers
Case Badges 100 need to coordinate with FAmSCo about availability
Freedom Toaster Materials still a go/no-go proposition
Writing Materials will be provided by Bluepoint

Total Proposed Budget : Php 8,100 or ~$175


Narrative of the event, to be accomplished later. Likewise, event will be documented at


Something for posterity