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  1. Our purpose is to complete with the following primary goals:
    • Budget planning for APAC (per country as well as the whole region) events/activities in FY2016 (March 2015 - February 2016)
    • Future events in each country and the whole APAC -> Event Planning
  2. In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:
    • Feedback/comments from APAC Ambassadors
  3. SWAG & equipment inventory
    • who has and where is equipment like rollup etc. Materials Inventory
    • how to produce more centralized swag and distribute it
  4. Ambassador Polo Shirt Supply

Planning Prerequisites

See the How to organize a FAD.

  • Completed work item
  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Arrange Lodging
  • Arrange Refreshments
  • Arrange a Social Event
  • Make country-specific plans before coming (per attendee)

Date and Place

  • Date: November 15 - 16 November 2014
  • Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm (UTC+7)
  • Place: Development Innovations - 296 271 Yothapol Khemarak Phoumin Blvd Phnom Penh
  • map: Development Innovations


  • There will be on 14th an Fedora Release Party you are welcome there!
  • There will be an RPM packaging workshop on 15th November also link

Travel Information

Phnom Penh International Airport [1] (IATA: PNH) - airport is around 7km outside Phnom Penh city centre, costs for an tuktuk are around 7US$, for an cab 9US$

All visitors, except citizens of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam need a visa to enter Cambodia. Visas can be obtained at Cambodian embassies or consulates. Visas are also available "on arrival" at both international airports, all six international border crossings with Thailand, some international border crossings with Vietnam, and at the main border crossing with Laos. You will need an visa type T, which will cost 30$ (starting 1st October) Detailed visa information More information about Phnom Penh

Local Transportation Information

There is no public transport in Phnom Penh, this is mostly done by Taxis,Motorbike-taxis and Tuktuk

Taxis forget about them,through the chaotic traffic situation they are slower then a Tuktuk and also more expensive. There are some metered taxis available but still some un-metered are running, fares must be agreed in advance.

Motorbike-taxis, (motodops or simply motos) should take you anywhere cheaply. A trip from Sisowath Quay to Central Market costs about 2,000 riel (USD0.50). Fares are higher at night and with more than one passenger. Often little English is spoken. No helmets are provided.

some rules for tuk tuk

  • Agree a fare in advance. Be clear whether it is for one way or return and in total or per person.
  • Drivers will try to avoid losing face by not admitting ignorance. Therefore, "Do you know where this address is?" will always be answered by "yes". Put it to the test and show a driver a recipe, while claiming it's an address. Be patient and expect the driver to pull over mid-trip to ask passers-by for directions even to the most obvious of destinations.
  • Don't leave possessions exposed to snatchers. Women are often targeted.
  • The tuk-tuk drivers outside the Foreign Correspondent's Club are notoriously pushy and aggressive. Avoid them: walk half a block and hire someone else. If you don't want a lift saying "no thanks" generally works. Better still, try it in Khmer: "otday awkunh".
  • Have small Dollar bills, bigger notes they cant often exchange

Event Owners and Co-organizers

Important skills (for participants)

  • We are welcome people who involved to (writers or co-writers) budget planning process in APAC in the last two years. Ref: Ambassadors/APAC/Budget#References
  • But we encourage people who are new but really active in their home countries to come to share and learn more experience then they can implement scheduled events/activities in their country

People will attend the event

We have a nice badge for the FAD, we will award it only to the registered attendees!

Deadline for participation in person was September 26th 2014 - registration for remote participation is still possible

Attendee Arrival Date&Time Departure room mate Estimated travel cost Funding request Pickup Status
1. Kong Somvannda - - local -
2. Ban Botrey Nisa - - local -
3. Amita Sharma Nov 14 Nov 17 - $661 #143
4. Sarup Banskota NA NA - Remote NA
5. Truong Anh Tuan Nov 14 13.00 VN921 Nov 17 18.00 VN920 Alick Zhao $394 #148 Yeah, my cousin will pick you up with a Fedora sign and your name, but you have to wait one hour for Danishka
6. Danishka Navin Nov 14 14.25 3K593 Nov 17 15.10 3K594 Siddhesh $314 #150 Yeah, my cousin will pick you up with a Fedora sign and your name, Tuanta will be there as well.
7. Alick Zhao Nov 14 23:30 CZ323 Nov 17 8:00 CZ234 Truong Anh Tuan 413 USD #149 Yeah, with a Tuk Tuk. You will be seen someone hanging your name with a Fedora sign.
8. Zamir SUN NA NA - Remote NA
9. Sirko Kemter Nov 12 18.40 PG935 Nov 24 19.30 PG936 single 901US$ #145
10. Nitesh Narayan Lal Nov 14 Nov 18 - $400 #147
11. Kushal Das NA NA - Remote NA
12. Mohan Prakash NA NA - Remote NA
13. Siddhesh Nov 14, 19:40, TG584 Nov 17, 06:15, PG938 Danishka Navin $492 (INR 30281) #153 Yeah, with a Tuk Tuk. You will be seen someone hanging your name with Fedora sign.
14. Pravin Satpute NA NA - Remote NA
15. Harish Pillay NA NA - Remote NA
16. Yan Naing Myint NA NA - Remote #154
17. Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail Nov 14, 16:00 AK534 Nov 1, 16:45 AK535 single $180 #158 Yeah, with a Tuk Tuk. You will be seen someone hanging your name with Fedora sign.
15. Amit Shah NA NA - Remote NA
2694 US$


  • projector
  • whiteboard

for Remote Attendance

Accommodation Information

Hotel Single Double Triple Map Conditions
Go Inn Hotel 20 US$ 25 US$ 30US$ map Clean but take around 10 minutes by Tuk Tuk to Development Innovations
Passion Guesthouse 14 USD 16 USD Not available map Clean, and it is ony 5 minutes walk to Development Innovations

Possible lunch/dinner locations



  • Charcoal BBQ & Soup 15min by Tuktuk from DI, fine khmer BBQ (buffet), all you can eat,11.5$
  • Kuch Angkor 15min by Tuktuk from DI or Passion Guesthouse, Local Food, but great taste.

Social Event

November 15th Mekong cruise? Costs around 8$ a person

Important Deadlines

Date Deadline
September 13th The 1st round fund support approval (for urgent requests)
September 26th End of registration (onsite participation)
September 27th The 2nd round fund support approval
October 24th size registration for polo shirt

Event Budget

Stuff Estimated Actual Notes Funding request
Hotel $400 $150 About $16 per double room per night
Foods and Drinks $400 two group dinners and a lunch during meetup
Travel subsidy $3,200 $2,694
TOTAL $4,000

Detailed Local Logistical Budget Expense

Stuff Unit price in $ Amount Nights/Days/Times Sub-Total Remark
Passion Guesthouse (double bedroom) 16$ 2 3 96$ for 4 people
Passion Guesthouse (single bedroom) 14$ 1 3 42$ for 4 people
Lunch 15-16 Nov 40$ 2 2 80$ two group lunches and drinks during the FAD
Dinner 15-16 Nov 120$ 2 2 240$ two group dinners and drink during the FAD
Local Transportation by tuk tuk (roundtrip) 6$ 3 2 36$ tuk tuk for 9 people during the FAD
TOTAL $494





More on flickr (by alick).