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When & Where

  • the FAD will take place during LinuxDays 2013 in Prague on Oct 5-6th.
  • Address: Faculty of Informatics, Czech Technical University, Thákurova 9, Prague
  • We will get one of the rooms. Go to the Fedora booth to find out which room it is.


  • Create a little handbook for Czech users which we can give away at various events (ideally with media).
  • Work on the online Czech Fedora User Handbook.
  • Work on Czech translations (translations of either Fedora-specific tools or upstream software which is included in Fedora)


The program is not fixed. You can attend for as much time as you can, come, help us, work on something and then leave as your schedule allows.


  • 10:00 - Beginning
  • Working on the new little handbook for Czech users (brainstorming what info it should include, how it should look, working on the content)
  • Improving & updating the online Czech Fedora User Handbook.
  • 17:00 - End
  • Evening - Beer ;-)


  • 10:00 - Beginning
  • Introduction to tools for translators and translation platforms (Transifex)
  • Translating chosen projects with the help of experienced translators
  • 17:00 - End


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