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This is the main page for SCALE 13x Cloud and Atomic workshop, which is a FAD focused on the Fedora Cloud Working Group activities.


  1. Our purpose is to work on topics for the Cloud Working Group for Fedora 22:
    • Documentation for Fedora Cloud products, including the cloud images and Fedora Atomic Host images.
    • Work on improving existing Dockerfiles and creating new Fedora Dockerfiles that use Fedora 21 or 22.
    • Create Kubernetes demos for Fedora using Fedora Docker containers and applications.
  1. In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:
    • Hands-on tutorials for users attending SCALE around Cloud.
    • Additional projects / tasks for the Cloud Working Group.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees

Planning Prerequisites

To-do list:

  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Be Somewhat Structured


  1. Location: Hilton LAX (SCALE 13x) (room to be determined)
  2. Date: February 22, 2015
  3. Schedule
    • Participants arrive February 22, 2015 at 10 a.m.
    • Schedule item
    • Schedule item
    • Schedule item
    • Participants leave February 22, 2015 at 4 p.m.
  4. Important skills (one or more)
    • Creating Dockerfiles
    • Working with Kubernetes definition (JSON) files
    • Other?
  5. Personnel attending
    • Joe Brockmeier (Raleigh, NC, Fedora Cloud Working Group member) Confirmed
    • Matthew Miller (Boston, MA, Fedora Project Leader) Confirmed
    • Jon Stanley (New York, NY, All around good guy) Confirmed (arrive 2/18, leave 2/23)
    • Haïkel Guémar (Lyon, France, Fedora Cloud WG) unlikely (but could attend online)
    • Name (location, role) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • others?
  6. Other considerations
    • Contributor V can offer a living room for evening social gatherings.
    • Contributor W has a car and is willing to do airport pick-ups.
    • Contributor X needs as much advance notice as possible.
    • Contributor Y has a schedule that is better on Fridays than on Tuesdays, and prefers weekend times after 4:28 AM.
    • Contributor Z is allergic to peanuts.


Snacks/Beverages: Details go here.

Lunch: Details go here.

Dinner: Details go here.