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This is the main page for the FAD UVCE Banglore 2017, which is a FAD (a mini-conference) focused on recruiting (and enabling the recruitment of) new testers and contributors to Fedora via the Fedora QA and various other DevOps projects like Ansible.

Infrastructure by college

1. Classroom with Projector and internet with capacity of ~80 people. 2. Lab with systems and internet.


  • To introduce participants to Pagure , Fedora QA , Fedora infra .
  • To help them find the paths to their first contributions

Primary Goals

  1. Mentoring students to understand how they can start contributing and developing application on Fedora.
  2. Hands on on how to solve issues marked as wishful in Pagure
    • Engage New Contributors: Engage more contributors in Fedora testing (manual and automated)


The completion of these goals will create the following positive change within the project:

  • New contributions to QA and Bug Squash-ers
  • Establishing outreach within an academic institution to plan for a calendar of events
  • Explore the possibility of a SIG like structure to continue the work on Fedora


Name Core Tasks Confirmed avail?
Sumantro Mukherjee Planning, Speaking Y
Kanika Murarka Planning, Speaking Y
Vipul Siddharth Planning, Speaking Y
Prakash Mishra Planning, Speaking Y
Ankush Behl Planning, Speaking Y

Planning Prerequisites

  • Work out with college to provide basic infra
  • Write up wiki page with all the data
  • Creation of a signup sheet for the students Signup Sheet
  • Opening CFP and announcing on mailing list Mail thread
  • Finalize the speakers
  • Formalize Talks and workshops
  • Banners and Posters Posters by @a2batic
  • Re-announcing on FedoraComm Blog and social channels Event Created on Facebook and Event Brite
  • Report back with the data post event
  • Ask the storyteller for a final report on the event ( to be published on relevant channels like Fedora Planet , commblog and G+ group)
  • Follow up hangout call after 2 weeks.

Plan & Sessions

  1. Location: UVCE , Bangalore
  2. Date: 2017-02-25, 10:30am - 4:30pm [Date and Timings are in IST]
  3. Schedule
  4. Room 1 (Classroom)
    • Talk on Pagure - Anshul Bhel [1.30 hr]
    • Talk on Ansible - Vipul Siddharth & Prakash Mishra [1 hr]
  5. Room 2 (Lab)
    • Bug Squashing
    • Introduction to Linux kernel - Vaishali [2 hrs]
    • Workshop on OpenQA - Sumantro Mukherjee
    • Workshop on Fedora QA (covering release validation , update testing and writing test cases) - Sumantro Mukherjee & Kanika Murarka
  6. Rest of the session depends on the CFP and local speakers interest.


Note that this event doesn't have any budget. If speakers are willing to pay for their own travel and accommodation, they are welcome.