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What is it Fedoracompilator?

Fc (Fedoracompilator) now is a concept of a graphic compilator for software, starting from source up to .rpm's package. In the future, Fc will be a real software, but I need your help to develop a very usable software. Inspired by Ubucompilator aims to become a reference software to compile, install and create an .rpm package from the source.

Why the idea of graphic's compilator?

The software's compilation from source code is an old passion. When i was a young man i tested a lot of distros, starting from Rh to archlinux through to ubuntu arriving on fedora. The objective of Fc is to improve the user experince for the software's compilation and the creation of a .rpm packages.

How to help this project

I started the development of Fc using gambas, but if you know other programming language can you try to develop a part or all the software, (why not :))

I need you to choose some thing:

  • Logo
  • Programming Language
  • Translation
  • Diffuse the software..

Proposed Logos

Programming language

Now in development with: Gambas


Diffusion of Fc

"A colletion of link about FC"


If you want help the project contact me at:

(gusions AT gmail DOT com)