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FLOSS Kosovo is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in order to support, promote and develop:

  • Free/Libre Software as defined by the Free Software Foundation;
  • Open Source Software as defined by the Open Source Initiative;
  • Open and participatory knowledge as that supported by the Wikimedia Foundation;
  • Education in information technologies through open courses like those from MIT;
  • Standards, culture and open society by using free and open communication as are those supported by the W3C and Creative Commons.

To achieve its goals, the association will undertake, without limitation, the following activities:

  • The Annual Conference available to the general public with the lowest prize possible to help the aspirations set out above.
  • Enable access to free and open source software and relevant knowledge by facilitating the distribution and localization in the local languages of Kosovo.
  • Cooperate with local and international partners and sponsors of the industry, academia and government to drive forward the aims of the association.

FLOSSK began in March 2009 at the initiative of James Michael DuPont as a result of the desire to organize a conference on free and open software. After six difficult months and with the help of many supporters FLOSSK organized the first conference of free and open software in Kosovo in August 2009. Apart from the Conference, FLOSSK continued to work in various activities such as organizing Software Freedom Days in different cities of Kosovo, lectures on free software throughout Kosovo, translating software, collaborating with the media to promote free software and creating local free software groups in various cities. From the beginning FLOSSK members and the general public learned about GNU/Linux operating system, FLOSS programs for solving everyday problems, map creation using OpenStreetMap, and met free software movement figures from around the world.

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