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This is the main page for Fedora 24 Internationalization (i18n) Bug triaging activity.


Triaging all open bugs of i18n and moving them to Fedora 25.

Task list:

  • Go through bug report.
  • Reproduce on Fedora 25.
  • Triage accordingly.
    • Good to mark it priority as well.
    • Ping developer whether they are planning to fix it and it is open for contribution.

Date & Venue

  • 26th July 2016
  • #fedora-g11n/ #fedora-qa


  • We have created few bugs slot based on some relation. (Component/Language/Domain)
  • Participants suppose to select one slot from it.
  • Test this slot during activity day. (Good chance to get feedback from Developers about bug)
  • Triage accodring and mark as done.

Bug Slots

No Fedora Version Open Bugs Number
1 F23 Bugs 45
2 F22 Bugs 42