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Feedbacks from COMMUNITY

Suggestion and feedbacks on Fedora 19 testing

Feedback from Noriko:

  • Test Case Add or Remove
  • Why no test cases for "yum"
  • Merge test cases for cracklib and passwd. The result of running passwd is the result for both cracklib and passwd
  • Different sections for testcases for Gnome, Fedora, KDE, Firefox etc....
  • Each application requires a tracker bug instead of different testers filing separate bugs
  • Bug template with FLTG in CC which automatically post new bug when created to let all members know
  • Bug number(s) automatically be appeared in Comments column in the test page when it is reported in each 'Provide Result' page In this way, we can see all bugs at a glance without visiting each result page. Those bugs can be copied to next version test page if those are not fixed. Then when we see same bug remains not resolved at next test, simply report it in that bug and reset the version, instead filing new bug.
  • For next test (F20 and later), could the test page include the description of the requirement for installation? (e.g. minimum RAM and CPU requirement)
  • Could we include to test the installation process self? Cz I am not sure where the problem I encountered can be reported (e.g. fails to auto

reboot), but still this must be important in terms of usability.

Feedback from Shankar:

  • Provide information in system-config-language that "the languages names must be in English" to avoid any confusions for the tester
  • Provide information to select both native language and English while setting the system

General suggestions

  • While testing with live iso we need to have few changes in test cases accordingly.
 * Instead of running the command as root we need to do sudo.
 * Few packages of system-config-* are giving error messages.
  • Few testers are might be confused in some situations like 100% translated, but rendering issues are present
 * One common guideline should be provided to testers to determine under which circumstances they should fail a test case.
 * As this is only for l10n testing we should pass the test case if it is 100% translated. And provide some additional informations regarding rendering issue, etc as a comment.
  • A procedure or guideline to be provided for testers on how to find certain strings like -
 * Strings those are translated in po but in English in the application.
 * Strings which are in English and cannot be found directly in po files.

Suggestion and feedbacks on Fedora 18 testing

  • Good feedback on new layout for test cases - Tagoh, Noriko
  • Anaconda testing to be done no matter its stable or not - Noriko
  • Better to have testing of comps component along with anaconda on Installation test day - Noriko
  • Provide bug numbers along with the test case or package if its tagged as 'this is currently not ready to test' - Noriko
  • Communication of testing dates to be earlier.

Suggestion and feedbacks on Fedora 17 testing

  • Test review - Firstboot - noriko - 20 Apr 2012
  • Special ISO creation - noriko - 20 Apr 2012
  • Communication Few day Early - Roman - 11 Apr 2012
  • Test cases more descriptive - Noriko - 20 Apr 2012

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