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What is FOSCo?

Fedora Outreach Steering Committee (FOSCo) strives to be a group for cross-team collaboration on all user facing efforts, with representation from any interested groups, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), or individuals.

FOSCo has a remit to track efforts in all project areas against a commonly agreed set of goals, with an remit of communicating these efforts with the larger community in an easy to follow manner. FOSCo works towards improving internal cooperation and wishes to make outward-facing efforts more effective and develop a stronger sense of community

What are we doing next?

FOSCo Executive Dashboard.

Our first initiative is to create an executive dashboard to be distributed project-wide, by aggregating information from various places and presenting it in a simple manner. We see this as a perfect start for FOSCo to begin delivering value to contributors project-wide.

Why FOSCo wants to create an Executive Dashboard?

Visibility: FOSCo Executive Dashboard will give the project great visibility and insight. We will inform the project exactly what’s going on in key aspects which will allow for better focus and resource allocation.

Ongoing Improvements: We have all heard it “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” The FOSCo Executive Dashboard will allow us to measure performance throughout the project and thus improve it.

Performance Against Plan: Making sure the overall project is performing to a commonly agreed set of expectations is a key priority. The FOSCO Executive Dashboard will do just that. We will show how we are performing against our commonly agreed goals from the agreed plans versus our actual, real-time results.

Contributor-Level Performance Improvements: When contributors know their performance is being visible in a dashboard, and can see their results, they innately start to improve their work.

How to get involved?

Mail-list archives.

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Issue tracker

Join the conversation in IRC

Channel #fedora-outreach on freenode

FOSCo news

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