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Things that need to be done to make FOSDEM a success for Fedora contributors and people visiting:

# When What Who done?
1 September Create the wiki pages
2 September send out first notificiaton to mailing list
3 September contact hotel (rennaicence) - ask for free interwebs
4 October invite the fedora [red hat] rock stars aka fpl, spot, ...
5 beginning of October Start asking international guests to look for visa
6 November order swag - stickers, T shirts
7 November order media (aprox. 600)
8 November ask fosdem for booth
9 November send out the papers to various mailing lists / blogs/ ...
10 November call for talks
11 beginning of December order room in 'la bort subite' for FAD
12 beginning of December order 8 seats in 'fat boys' for superbowl
13 January ask Joerg his box
# When What Who done?