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[SECURITY] Fedora 7 Update: kernel-

Fedora Update Notification
2007-07-20 12:33:20.969212

Name        : kernel
Product     : Fedora 7
Version     :
Release     : 27.fc7
Summary     : The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
Description :
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system:  memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

Update Information:

Rebase kernel to

Includes the CFS scheduler from upstream kernel 2.6.23.

Users should update to the latest autofs package with this kernel or autofs
will use excessive amounts of CPU time.

The decode_choice function in net/netfilter/bf_conntrack_h323_asn1.c in the Linux
kernel before 2.6.22 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash)
via an encoded, out-of-range index value for a choice field, which triggers a NULL
pointer dereference.


* Tue Jul 17 2007 John W. Linville <>
- update wireless bits
* Tue Jul 17 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
- gfs2: update to the latest
- sched: fix show_task()/show_tasks() output
- sched: fix newly idle load balance in case of SMT
- sched: fix the all pinned logic in load_balance_newidle()
- fix leaks of struct seq_operations
- fix leaks of ref to user struct
- pata_atiixp: add SB700 PCI ID
- ata_piix: fix pio/mwdma programming
- sdhci: add ene controller id
- sdhci: Fix "Unexpected interrupt" handling
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
- bluetooth: hangup tty before releasing rfcomm
- driver core: get driver properly during release
- net scheduler: fix deadlock
- input: rfkill driver screws up the CPU flags
- acpi-cpufreq: make register write work properly again
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
- add proper caching of last_ctl to the 'unbreak SMART' fix
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Unbreak SMART on libata.
* Mon Jul 16 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Disable warnings that trigger due to disabled USB suspend.
* Fri Jul 13 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
- add more ATI SB700 ids to the ahci driver
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Some systems have a HPET which is not incrementing, which leads
to a complete hang.  Detect it during HPET setup.
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Replace the pcspkr private PIT lock by the global PIT lock to
serialize the PIT access all over the place.
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Add back the rediffed PS3 patches.
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
- ata: update noncq list
- idr: multiple bugfixes
- tcp: sack fix leak msgs
- vbe: always save ddc data
* Thu Jul 12 2007 Jarod Wilson <>
- Fix up some uname -r issues in certain kernel version
cases (due to new versioning scheme)
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
- jbd: fix transaction dropping (kernel oops)
- kvm: reinit real mode TSS on shutdown
- kvm: detect SVM disabled by BIOS
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
- sky2: re-enable lost interrupt workarounds
- aacraid: ioctl handler needs permission check
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Dave Jones <>
- NFS: Add the mount option "nosharecache"
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Revert mkinitrd requires: bump to what's in FC7.
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Remove the x86-64 tickless patches, they aren't ready.
* Wed Jul 11 2007 Chuck Ebbert <>
* Wed Jul 11 2007 John W. Linville <>
- Update git-wireless-dev.patch
- Add upstream version of rtl8187 patch
- Add updated iwlwifi driver from
* Tue Jul 10 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Fix issue with PIE randomization (#246623).
* Tue Jul 10 2007 Dave Jones <>
- Rebase to 2.6.22

[ 1 ]  CVE-2007-3642
Updated packages:

39367e55dba1f676251d0e9f59a962bdea4e7e26 kernel-doc-
bfe0a5afba41d1ae3aa3bdcddc91deedca3790a9 kernel-headers-
0a4e7a9251bce261970ebc52edb6eb81bf28686c kernel-devel-
a12c2349f01c1b21747c1c39d265320f062836de kernel-debug-debuginfo-
9d97b5e7c375c02aebb4c53e332051e9d58030fb kernel-PAE-debug-debuginfo-
0b529ca4e1fa830c92798ae8a1d7f7fac0ebcb74 kernel-PAE-
2633428eebc12bf0a78c3a9b7bc74e00b6004ccb kernel-PAE-debuginfo-
b38b52f71d714505258664dbf57d393df8e88375 kernel-debuginfo-common-
16f262b62d345f26887c76d8eac176717af54300 kernel-debug-
bdbcd71c9d7efbf8f71f085aaaab6455b73f68b7 kernel-
367dc2a540d639683c9e7443a8b1ecf51bb270df kernel-PAE-devel-
d609fc20defa85d88d2877f405f2342084207899 kernel-PAE-debug-devel-
31b395ce525ca12c2199f09117d58c0c0221ed90 kernel-PAE-debug-
f11574173a0145eebea1036ff63ffd39d91cac5e kernel-debuginfo-
d09db0c1a82186832063230fc403640da5187bd8 kernel-debug-devel-
4b46f23ca0ccce05fbb1ea2881f05238bb774c8b kernel-headers-
2c0843c3104c0d0711348565fcde2d97a2f77bce kernel-debuginfo-common-
5db18949b1134bb7ddb09fec475929d7846d50a4 kernel-kdump-devel-
0e0f713fc6adbe7ac83f861cfe1e1860e2b607aa kernel-kdump-
5647bb5b3dace16b02999b5c18d235653728a337 kernel-kdump-debuginfo-
fffec6f29a5ca740b626037c9a77954a193e74b9 kernel-debuginfo-
864e9036443e43733416e5834d4fa6236dec3818 kernel-devel-
de39c1ea5d26f1bb839d06f8eef1c1a9ab79a14e kernel-
eb96f81bb50c712df80d74d7b544e3bd3315a589 kernel-debuginfo-common-
2d07ed61fb32197b3410cdba69e1b9d6160ecfd0 kernel-debuginfo-
27433c0dce0840c5367bc2fe95e85ba868af1b1d kernel-devel-
d8b66bfdd21e538392ff400702aa765b8e76202a kernel-
4faae03c99578ac62c3befc34e20918a31821381 kernel-debuginfo-
60e1abb192588892deef5cc14a25d3ce49da2aa8 kernel-debug-devel-
6181b2103a776c7b6fb58fe910b0034162429877 kernel-devel-
24706d2049b9611c62a39329e58e0a70f115226e kernel-debug-
5f2c26ff9295460024940481f668d8c4ce49cbfb kernel-debuginfo-common-
9f92de34406ce2678ea051fed1bc97219fa516cf kernel-debug-debuginfo-
fe23eed320506dedf801913c742706aebec96ea7 kernel-headers-
9ce80ccd836576bee446328ad692486533320e34 kernel-
17c6e90afc764d5f81fd527dbb26e684172b946a kernel-smp-debuginfo-
7b8044556ea18358da2822244e60474f8f99ddc6 kernel-smp-
49d8d811ce85ad76881866c96b546b8a949b518f kernel-smp-devel-
8fb0f2a3c83068f3607267b1638cb9694643460d kernel-debuginfo-
0afa1a811a9bd11e11119fd24dc8690ffb1afd34 kernel-debuginfo-common-
26d9b0b26943ae3ccfeede2a30ac57a1fa392261 kernel-headers-
e989776c71d08b38c70c651b10e08326e61ecf9f kernel-
dd1a0938cad34ffae942ac5831b1ad56674d4585 kernel-devel-
0c1cb13a92eda663a72e43a68c6d82407ff8a415 kernel-

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