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FUDCon 1 Videos

Here is the footage from FUDCon 1 (in Boston, MA).

FUDCon Developer Track:

Torrent of All Devel Videos

Chris Blizzard - Netscape Directory Server:
Theora video 65M Ogg Audio 35M

Eric Raymond - Shipper (the camera screwed up, so this is somewhat erratic in parts):
Theora video 31M Ogg audio 21M

Jeremy Katz - Xen:
Theora video 59M Ogg audio 32M

Owen Taylor - X Desktop Rendering:
Theora video 62M Ogg audio 32M

FUDCon User Track:

Torrent of All User Videos

Dan Walsh - SELinux:
Theora video 70M Ogg audio 40M

Jeremy Katz - Anaconda Past Present and Future:
Theora video 63M Ogg audio 35M

Jesse Keating - Fedora for the OEM:
Theora video 26M Ogg audio 13M

Seth Vidal & Paul Nasrat - Yum Discussion:
Theora video 53M Ogg audio 34M

Various Presenters - Fedora on PPC, SPARC, and IA64:
Theora video 30M Ogg audio 21M

FUDCon Closing Panel:

The closing panel discussion was filmed with both cameras.

Camera 1: Theora video 36M Ogg audio 15M

Camera 2: Theora video 22M Ogg audio 14M