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Pros and Cons of Proposed Location


  • Opportunity to grow Open Source and Fedora presence in Asia, especially in China.
  • Possible co-operation with various user groups in Beijing and China, e.g. BJGUG, Beijing LUG, etc. We are discussing co-location with BJGUG people who will host GNOME.Asia 2014. Since GNOME is one major upstream of Fedora, and Fedora is one major distro for GNOME, it can be a great chance for people in both communities to meet face to face.
  • The city provides a lot of possibilities to explore; cultural, history, cuisine, architectural, etc.
  • Excellent mass/public transport options.
  • Most major airline companies offer direct flights to the airport and traffic costs and time to reach the hotel are minimal (within 1 hour).


  • English proficiency is limited for certain locations/services. Needed information and help will be provided as much as possible by the event organizers. Solutions have already been discussed, like downloaded flyers and instructions in China which can be handed to taxi drivers or desk personnel.
  • Someone has raised concern about Beijing smog. In fact it is highly affected by the weather condition. Generally it is worse in winter, but not so bad in summer. Besides the local government has decided to spend much money in renovation. People can query the latest air quality from various websites or apps for trip guidance. There will be alert in case of harmful haze before 24 hours.


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