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There will be a CAcert assurance event held at FUDCon Blacksburg 2012 on Saturday, January 14th, at 1600 (4pm). After the CAcert event concludes, the GPG keysigning event will begin at 1700 (5pm). We suggest that you consider attending both if you are interested.

Please sign up below if you are an assurer who can help us, or if you are interested in being assured at this event (or both). Please remember that if you received your points by the Thawte Points Transfer process, you need to be assured again because the Thawte points will be revoked soon. You can both assure people and be assured both at this event, just add yourself to both lists


Name Points you can issue
Nick Bebout 35
Richard B. Tilley (Brad) 35
Kevin Fenzi (nirik) 20
Raymond Gwinn 35
Scott Suehle 30
Phil Benchoff 35
Dennis Gilmore 35

People seeking assurance:

Nick Bebout
Kevin Fenzi
Thomas Weeks (tweeks)
Xavier Lamien
Raymond Gwinn
Richard (Ricky) Elrod
Perry Myers
Eric (Sparks) Christensen