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FUDcon EMEA 2011 - Budapest

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Local Team


  • October 7.-9. 2011
  • alternative October 14.-16. 2011

Brief description of the city.

    Budapest is the capital of Hungary. As the largest city of Hungary, it serves as the country's principal political, cultural, 
    commercial, industrial, and transportation centre.

Further useful information

  • Official currency: Forint (HUF)
  • Time zone: CET (UTC+1), CEST (UTC+2)
  • Electrical ratings: 230 Volts/ 50-60 Hz, EU plug (Schuko)
  • Important telephone numbers:
    • Emergency Telephone Numbers (Emergency, Ambulance, Fire, Police): 112; 104, 105, 107
    • National Directories: 198

Airports and their distance from lodging and venue

    Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, which has 3 passenger terminals: Ferihegy 1, which tends to serve the many discount 
    airlines now flying to and from Budapest, Ferihegy 2/A and Ferihegy 2/B. The airport is located to the east of the centre in 
    the XVIII. district in Pestszentlőrinc.
  • Ferihegy Terminal 1 is for the EU
    • Distance is 18 km
      • estimated costs by bus is 260 HUF (~1 €) per line ticket - Bus No.200 and No.93 to subway Köbánya-Kispest, and 20 min to Deak Square (City center)
      • estimated costs by train is 360 HUF/person (~1.30 €) to Train station West (Nyugati), tickets are available from Tourinform office inside at Terminal
      • estimated costs by airport shuttle and for taxi nearly the same - 5000 HUF (~18€)(

  • Ferihegy Terminal 2/A and 2/B is for outside of EU
    • Distance is 23 km
      • estimated cost by bus is 260 HUF (~1€) per line ticket (Bus No. 200)
      • estimated costs by train - directly not available, first you have to catch Bus No 200, and then to Terminal 1.
      • estimated costs by airport shuttle and for taxi nearly the same - 5000 HUF ( and

  • We have an precise and quick taxi company if necessary - they are cheaper than any others, and the operators are speaking english:
    • The company is TaxiPlus:
      • They have few (about 5) cars nearby to Airport Terminal 1.
      • If it's necessary they could provide driver who speaks your language
      • Basic costs from Airport is around cca 2000 HUF, you're inside the city with 3500 HUF. Transfer prises
  • We check for Hotel Transfer or organize a Shuttle... /possibly by

Budapest Airport on Wikipedia

Estimated costs of flights major airports that attendees will travel from

  • The prices for the US are generated by

Costs from US

  • New York: around 540 Euro
  • Boston: around 600 Euro
  • Washington: around 646 Euro
  • Los Angeles: around 610 Euro

Costs inner Europe

There are a lot inexpensive Airlines in Europe:

You can fly for 50-150€ from the most spots in Europe.

Costs from Austria

  • Vienna: return ticket by train (takes < 3h) starting at 29 Euro

Outline of local mass transit

Budapest public transport is provided by BKV the company operates buses, trolleybuses, trams, suburban railway lines, the metro, a boat service, a cogwheel railway, a funicular, and a chairlift, called Libegő. Budapest's tram network is extensive, and reliable despite poor track infrastructure and an ageing fleet. Routes 4 and 6 combined form the busiest traditional city tram line in the world, with the world's longest passenger trams (54-metre (177 ft) long Siemens Combino) running at 60 to 90 second intervals at peak time and 3–4 minutes off-peak and usually packed with people. Day services operate from 4:30 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. each day. Night traffic (a reduced overnight service) has a reputation for being excellent. There are three metro lines and a fourth is currently under construction. The Yellow line, built in 1896, is one of the oldest subway lines in the world, following London Underground and the Istanbul Metro that were built respectively in 1863 and 1875.

Possible Venues

Brief description of on the ground resources and their experience with FUDcon/other large events

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economy (shortly called BME)
    • 4 Rooms + Technic (costs not clear right now, possibly free)
    • Free fast Wifi (still to check)
    • we can use Forum for the Talk-Bids
    • Distance from Hotel 10 min Walk
    • Hosted the FSF Conferences in the past with around 300
      • we are in contact with Peter Mato from the FSF who also works at the University and is willing to help. --> Lost contact temporarly.
      • we gained direct contact to the events lead planner Robert Hajos - we receive answer after 15th. Reason: Celebration days at Hungary.


  • Technology University of Eotvos Lorandt UCC - University Congress Centre (failed, the UCC part of the ELTE, fully filled with students, science conferences between our termins)
  • Moha Office House -> 1143 Budapest, Gizella u. 42.-44,
    • We have a good contact inside UCC, Gabor Racz (he is CEO of SilverWings an Event Planner company -, and also owns an bistro, catering is ensured, if we need it)
      • We have his prise and the offering for Moha House, with full equipment
  • Golden Ten (Aranytíz) Educational Center,
    • 1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 10.
    • Fully equipped different sized rooms, together on 3 floors. On the 3rd floor is an complete theatre, with stage.
    • We have offer from our contact, Eva Antal Kis -> we could have 4 small rooms (sized for 30-40 people), and the theatre level for few hours, 2 rooms can be opened into self to one if necessary
  • Danubius Hotel Gellért conference rooms
    • Still awaiting for answer


  • H-1111 Budapest, Zenta u. 3.
  • Opening time: everyday 11 AM-02 AM
  • Description: This is an exclusive Restaurant and Pub together, with a design of an true old XVI.century pirate ship. They have 2 separated place inside with a hosting capacity of 50 and for upper ship part for 160 person. The location and age-specific matching with food, drinks and cocktails waiting for you. (maybe Nokia will sponsor this)


  • Y-Cafe [1]
    • H-1143 Budapest, Stefania u. 1.
    • Opening time: Friday: 9.00 - 05.00, Saturday: 11.30 - 05.00
    • Description: The Y stands for a Cafe, a restaurant and a cafeteria together. It often becomes a relaxing place of entertainment. It's atmosphere reflects the combination of a bar and a lounge, and it is one of the best meeting places. The design of the interior and its comfortable leather seats represent a pleasant atmosphere for breakfast and business lunch appointments, get-togethers, dinners or simply a little fun.
      • The special rooms are ideal for company events, meetings with collegues and family or parties with friends for about 20 to 150 people. The menu and the food cover the great variety of international cuisine, the classic Hungarian meals and the continuously changing fresh offers. They could offer also karaoke possibilities.

  • Gerbeaud [2]
    • 1051 Budapest Vörösmarty tér 7-8.
    • Opening time: Brauhaus: 12-22
      • Description: Gerbeaud stands on Vörösmarty Square, with a complete offer of modern hospitality. Today, the Gerbeaud House provides the widest range of event facilities in Budapest, and offers virtually all types of dining and catering. Whether you feel like having scrumptious pastries at the turn-of-the-century Café, tasty snacks prepared by Gerbeaud’s own butcher at the Gerbeaud Pub, or sumptuous gourmet meals at the Onyx Restaurant, Gerbeaud House has them all.

Behind the Gerbeaud name is a 150-year tradition ensuring that the gifts you give are worthy of your business partners and family members. The exceptional and unique famous Gerbeaud gifts go beyond the ordinary. The flavors of Gerbeaud, beautifully packaged in wooden and paper boxes, will delight everybody.

Lodging and estimated costs

  • Danubius Hotel Gellért
    • can host 150 people in Double Rooms around 50 EUR per night per person with breakfast and free entry to the famous Gellert Bath
    • 4 Stars Standard
    • free wifi (still to check)
    • free secured parking for the guests


  • Hotel Benczur [3]
    • it has 90 standard and 58 superior rooms, 4 superior apartments and 8 suites.
    • closest to every public transportation (eg. if you coming from airport terminal 1, West railway station is only 3 km, cca. 15 min)
    • closest subway: Hero's Square ( | Hero's Square)
    • one wing is 3 star and one wing of the hotel is 4 star rated
    • conference room prises in pdf ( | Conference room prises)

  • Hotel President [4]
    • brand new hotel, premium 4 star quality, but with nice prises
    • perfect kitchen, swimming pool for guests, and perfect panorama to the city
    • closest subway: Arany Janos str.
    • Hotel President walk-through video
    • free wifi

Outline of proximate restaurant locations

  • a lot, this is a tourist place!

Deadlines for event reservation, etc.

  • still enough time for feedbacks

Pros and Cons of the proposed location


  • is very well located in the middle of Europe
  • BRNO Office is virtually around the corner
  • Budapest is very nice city
  • People who hate flying, have the opportunity to drive by car and make car-pooling
  • Great Venue and Lodging for a good price
  • Good Art of Living (good food, wine, music, weather ...)
  • First Fedora Conference in former Eastern Europe - conquer new areas
  • support from the Hungarian Government and Educational Institutes - still to check
  • local production of swag is cheap


  • very small Team - wrong if eaten by Raptors
  • language barrier at the location - not many locals speak english
  • maybe the city is so nice that people get distracted