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15:01 < spevack> anyone around for a quick chat about fudcon brno?

15:01 < spevack> rvokal: ping

15:02 < pknirsch> hey max.

15:02 < pknirsch> (not from brno, but close ;)

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15:03 < spevack> pknirsch: hi

15:03 < spevack> where are you located?

15:04 < pknirsch> stuttgart. i've talked with Denise yesterday and we'll try to see how many folks from here we can get over to Brno (budget wise).

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15:04 < marek> hello :)

15:04 < pknirsch> hm, radek seems to have connection problems...

15:05 < spevack> pknirsch: that's great. I'm going to send an email to denise myself, and let her know what some of our budget situation is, so we can figure out how Fedora can help a little bit.

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15:05 < spevack> for example, I am hopeful that Fedora can pay the hotel bill for pretty much everyone who attends. Which will take some budget pressure off of local Red Hat office in Stuttgart or other places in EMEA.

15:05 < spevack> rvokal: hi!

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15:05 < spevack> marek: hi!

15:05 < rvokal> hi max

15:06 < pknirsch> spevack: great. and if there is anything we can do to help here from suttgart just let us know. from what i know is that at least harald wants to do a presentation, and i suspect the others who come can do as well.

15:06 < pknirsch> spevack: that would be great!

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15:06 < rvokal> spevack: while you're at it .. how do you plan to pay the bill? :)

15:06 < spevack> pknirsch: i need people to start filling out potential presentations on the wiki page

15:06 < pknirsch> hey rvokal

15:06 < spevack> rvokal: for the hotel?

15:06 < rvokal> hi phil

15:06 < rvokal> yep

15:06 < pknirsch> spevack: ok, i'll poke harald about it then and see what topics we can cover here.

15:07 < rvokal> spevack: problem is that it's quite a number of rooms and we have to pay it in advance

15:07 < spevack> rvokal: either a credit card, or they give an invoice to Red Hat and Red Hat pays it with a bank transfer against the Fedora cost center, I guess.

15:07 < spevack> rvokal: we paid the hotel at LinuxTag in advance too.

15:07 < rvokal> spevack: cost center is better, I have an invoice from them on my desk ..

15:07 < spevack> rvokal: do you have a soft copy that you can send me?

15:08 < rvokal> spevack: it's in czech but will do :)

15:08 < pknirsch> ^^

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15:08 < spevack> rvokal: :)

15:08 < spevack> rvokal: how far in advance do we need to pay? because as you know, the Q3 budget does not start until September 1.

15:08 < spevack> and that is where the money for FUDcon comes from

15:09 < spevack> rvokal: they don't trust us? :)

15:09 < rvokal> spevack: I know and I can have them on hold for two or three more weeks ..

15:09 < rvokal> spevack: not really ;)

15:09 < rvokal> September 1st is a bit late .. a week before that would be better

15:10 < spevack> rvokal: well, that is my problem to figure out, and I will start looking into it.

15:10 < rvokal> thanks

15:10 * spevack makes a note to never schedule a big event with lots of bills right around the same time that a quarter ends

15:10 < marek> :)

15:11 < spevack> rvokal, marek: was my email to europe-list ok? anything you would like me to add in a follow up that i forgot, or that was unclear?

15:11 < rvokal> another thing is room .. me and marek are invited to university next Tuesday to check the avaliable rooms ..

15:11 < rvokal> rooms

15:11 < marek> spevack: nothing from my side

15:11 < rvokal> email was fine .. I'll start pushing people to get some presentations ready

15:11 < spevack> rvokal: great. As you know, we're looking for 1 big room that can fit everyone, and 4 or 5 smaller rooms for the sessions during the day.

15:12 < rvokal> yep

15:12 < marek> I'll try to take some picture of the university next Tue

15:12 < spevack> I wanted to ask... are there any LUGs in Brno or Prague that folks from Red Hat in Czech Republic can give some publicity?

15:12 < marek> spevack: yes, "linux v brne"

15:13 < rvokal> yes and we have few contacts

15:13 < spevack> Things that Max has to do: (1) figure out hotel payment (2) talk to denise about Red Hat travel budget, and (3) start getting a tshirt design.

15:13 < spevack> marek: i saw on the wiki that you put your name next to DVDs

15:13 < marek> rvokal: what about the flyer? Red Hat Czech wanted to print some right?

15:14 < spevack> and crossed it out. do we have a bunch already in the office?

15:14 < marek> spevack: yes, that's arranged

15:14 < spevack> marek, rvokal: a flyer would be great too.. has one already been designed?

15:14 < rvokal> spevack: DVDs .. yeah, we need to get rid of them .. :)

15:14 < spevack> marek: how many DVDs? and is it using the Fedora 9 artwork from the wiki?

15:14 < marek> spevack: DVDs are already in the office, ready for fudcon :)

15:15 < marek> spevack: we have 1200 DVDs at the moment

15:15 < rvokal> spevack: flyer .. would be great to have a same design like tshirst .. or should we use a logo from Boston FUDCon?

15:15 < marek> Fedora 9 live DVDs x86/x86_64

15:15 < spevack> marek: great -- that's more than enough

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15:16 < spevack> rvokal: for the tshirt, i was going to ask the art team to use a similar design as the FUDCon Boston shirt. If we can get the text for the flyer (I assume you'll want it in Czech), then the art team can also make it look pretty with the fudcon logo :)

15:16 < spevack> so the text for a flyer and the design of the flyer are two separate things

15:17 < rvokal> that'd be cool, I'll send you some czech text for it

15:17 < spevack> perfect

15:17 < spevack> we'll make a czech, english, and maybe german flyer also

15:17 < spevack> what else... /me looks at the list of open items

15:17 < marek> rvokal: is there a plan to get some space on

15:17 < rvokal> food - I didn't sort that out yet

15:18 < spevack> food and social event -- we still have a bit of time to sort that all out. I'm not worried yet

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15:18 < spevack> rvokal: past experience has shown that hotel and location are the two hardest details, and we're in good shape there ;)

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15:19 < rvokal> marek: nope and I need to ask someone how much does an add at cost

15:20 < spevack> marek: i can help pay for an advertisement on

15:20 < spevack> marek: any bills that i can pay with my red hat credit card, it's very easy for me to help with from Fedora budget :)

15:20 * pknirsch wonders if going to do bowling with 50 people would be possible ;)

15:20 < spevack> pknirsch: that would be a very different social event! normally we just sit in a bar and drink beer and eat! :)

15:21 < pknirsch> spevack: i just remembered that we did that when we went there the first time. and it was really awesome :)

15:21 < marek> spevack: there's maybe a possibility to get it from event budget from Red Hat Czech, we will have check it

15:21 < rvokal> pknirsch: :)

15:21 < marek> rvokal: I'll ask Josef about it :)

15:21 < rvokal> pknirsch: come a day earlier .. :)

15:21 < spevack> marek: just let me know

15:21 < pknirsch> rvokal: :)))

15:21 < marek> spevack: can we get a GIF banner as well?

15:22 < spevack> marek: it's important to me that Red Hat Czech doesn't feel like they have to pay a lot of money for this event.

15:22 < spevack> marek: you ask because of the GIF format?

15:22 < rvokal> spevack: HC is using for hiring adds so they have a deal with them

15:22 < rvokal> spevack: will check that ..

15:22 < spevack> rvokal: ok

15:22 < marek> spevack: I mean as GFXs for

15:22 < rvokal> spevack: marek will .. :)

15:22 < spevack> marek: fine with me :)

15:22 < marek> yup, I'm taking care of that

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15:23 < spevack> well, the only other big thing is for everyone to encourage people to sign up, and to put down ideas for presentations or hackfest topics they are interested in

15:23 < spevack> part of the reason why that is important

15:23 < spevack> is because i am trying to figure out 1 or 2 people from outside Europe to bring to the event

15:24 < spevack> and I want to bring people where it will be valuable

15:24 < rvokal> now here comes a hard part :)

15:24 < marek> mmcgrath is not able to come :(

15:24 < spevack> marek: i know

15:24 < spevack> rvokal: you mean, getting people to sign up is hard?

15:24 < rvokal> getting people to stand up and speak ..

15:25 * dgilmore would gladly get up and speak

15:25 < pknirsch> hehe

15:25 < spevack> well, 10 people or so since yesterday

15:25 * spevack hopes that every single engineer in the brno office attends

15:25 < spevack> how many is that?

15:25 < rvokal> whole office is around 100ppl

15:25 * mmcgrath :(

15:26 < spevack> rvokal: well, i hope we can get at least 75 our of 100 to come to FUDCon :)

15:26 < spevack> s/our/out

15:26 < rvokal> that can work :)

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15:27 < rvokal> I've already talked to few people about a possible hacking sessions they can do

15:27 < spevack> rvokal: in a few days, or maybe next monday, i will send another email specifically to brno-list as encouragement :)

15:27 < dgilmore> rvokal: your job is to get 90 of them. all with an idea for a talk

15:27 * marek is going to hack on Fedora Astronomy

15:27 < rvokal> and we will have one about Security Audit and other one about FirstAidKit

15:27 < spevack> marek: i think that's a great idea

15:27 < spevack> rvokal: also excellent

15:27 < rvokal> spevack: that'd be great

15:27 < marek> and I have already 3 other hackers for Astronomy project

15:28 < spevack> rvokal: we need to get the SecurityAudit and FirstAidKit stuff on the wiki, with the names of the people who want to lead those sessions

15:28 < rvokal> dgilmore: hard task .. :) ..

15:28 < rvokal> spevack: SA is already there

15:28 < dgilmore> rvokal: a good challange

15:28 < spevack> ah, i see it now

15:29 < rvokal> pknirsch: and if panu, florian and jnovy will be here .. they have to have one as well :)

15:29 < spevack> rvokal, marek, pknirsch: any other topics for FUDcon you want to discuss today?

15:30 < spevack> i've done this a few times before, and I feel like things are pretty well in order. but i want to make sure all of you feel that way too

15:30 < rvokal> nope

15:30 < pknirsch> spevack: hm, don't think so. i'll just bug around here about topics for the con, but other than that we should all be fine.

15:30 < pknirsch> just need to find some money for the travel :)

15:30 < marek> nothing from my side

15:30 < spevack> pknirsch: i'll write to denise either this afternoon or tomorrow

15:30 < spevack> marek: cool. rvokal, how about you?

15:31 < pknirsch> spevack: great, thanks. i'll send Denise an estimate of our travel costs.

15:31 < spevack> pknirsch: cc me on it, if you can

15:31 < pknirsch> spevack: roger, will do.

15:31 < spevack> ok, well thank you all for your time, both today and with all the organizational work you are doing. I really appreciate it!

15:32 < rvokal> thank you too and cu soon

15:32 < spevack> same as last week, i'll post a log and also update our "action items"

15:32 < spevack> rvokal: thanks!

15:32 < pknirsch> thanks spevack :)

15:33 < marek> thanks all