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15:10 < spevack> rvokal: hi! sorry i'm a few minutes late

15:10 < spevack> rvokal: how are you?

15:10 < rvokal> no worries :) .. I'm still here

15:10 < rvokal> well, my 250G disk just died .. :)

15:10 < spevack> rvokal: if you have other things you need to do, we can chat later on. :)

15:11 < rvokal> no problem, let's do it know

15:11 < rvokal> so I have few updates

15:11 < rvokal> hotel .. I'll send you the two invoices I have

15:11 < rvokal> will do it today

15:11 < spevack> fantastic.

15:11 < spevack> then we'll figure out how much to spend on food.

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15:12 < rvokal> also there's already an announcement for FUDCon on in czech, the same one was send to universities ..

15:12 < spevack> tshirts are all set... but they need payment in cash, right? do we have a final bill from them also?

15:13 < rvokal> tshirts - nope, I don't have it yet

15:13 < rvokal> also the food place .. you will have to pay that cash as well

15:13 < rvokal> unfortunatelly most of the restaurants around don't accept credit cards

15:13 < spevack> as long as they have ATM cards :)

15:14 < spevack> ATM machines

15:14 < spevack> we will be ok :)

15:14 < spevack> i can get us enough cash to pay our bills

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15:14 < rvokal> good

15:14 < rvokal> ATMs are everywhere around, so no problem at all

15:14 < rvokal> max, when exactly are you coming?

15:15 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens spevack checks

15:15 < spevack> gregdek and I have a flight that lands in Prague at 10:45 on Thursday Sep 4, and then we will take the bus to Brno

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15:15 < spevack> hopefully to meet you in the afternoon

15:16 < rvokal> ok, good. I can pick you guys up at the bus station

15:16 < gregdek> Woo!

15:16 < rvokal> and take you to the office

15:16 < spevack> rvokal: sounds perfect.

15:16 < rvokal> well, I would like you to see the office :)

15:16 < spevack> gregdek: bring your ATM card. you and i are going to need to get a bunch of cash

15:16 < rvokal> :)

15:16 < spevack> gregdek: and you might want to tell your bank to expect transactions from the czech republic

15:16 < gregdek> Heh.

15:17 < spevack> gregdek: we'll file expense reports for all of it after FUDCon, but rvokal says that there is a bunch of stuff we won't be able to use a credit card for

15:17 < gregdek> Got it.

15:17 < spevack> rvokal: we definitely want to see the office!

15:17 < rvokal> gregdek: Hi, I'm glad you're coming as well

15:18 < spevack> it sounds like everything is pretty much set. From a hotel point of view, we just need to let the people who are in the second hotel know about that, so they know where to go when they arrive.

15:18 < gregdek> rvokal: Wouldn't miss it.

15:18 < spevack> and as all our bills come in, I'll make sure they get paid. The credit card stuff is already being charged, and starting Sep 1 I can start filing expense reports.

15:18 < rvokal> spevack: sure, and there's one guy who requested a wheelchair accesible hotel .. he's staying somewhere else

15:18 < rvokal> spevack: so I'll send you that bill as well

15:18 < spevack> rvokal: right, he and several other people are staying somewhere else, right?

15:19 < rvokal> well, he's unfortunately alone, but close to uni

15:19 < rvokal> and those three are staying somewhere else just for the first night

15:19 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens stickster listens in

15:19 < spevack> rvokal: well, i'm sure he and his friends will sort it all out.

15:19 < rvokal> yep

15:20 < spevack> they really appreciate our helping them with accomodations.

15:20 < spevack> rvokal: i think we are in really good shape from a budget point of view, but until we have the bills for all the hotels and the tshirts, I won't know 100%, so we can't make a final decision about food money quite yet...

15:21 < spevack> because i need to make sure we don't spend so much on food and social event that we go over our budget :)

15:21 < rvokal> ok, no worries .. the place for food is set and we can also easily cut down the food during the day .. I still owe this guy a final budget as well

15:21 < rvokal> true

15:21 < spevack> rvokal: what do you need from me right now, other than piles of cash?

15:22 < rvokal> spevack: bring cash .. cash .. and yes, you promised to send a final "motivation" notice to brno-list :)

15:22 < spevack> rvokal: right, i'll get that sent out before the end of this week :)

15:23 < rvokal> I'm planning a small meeting this week with people who will be presenting .. just to prepare them for what they should expect

15:23 < rvokal> spevack: great, sooner is better

15:23 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens gvarisco will arrive at 4pm in Prague as well

15:23 < spevack> rvokal: you should have gotten an email yourself with a "thank you" gift for all your help. did you?

15:24 < rvokal> spevack: yeah, I forget to say THANKS! :)

15:24 < spevack> rvokal: no, the thank yous all come from our direction to you! :) you are the hero of fudcon, and you will get much applause :)

15:24 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens stickster applauds

15:24 < stickster> (stock film of old ladies clapping)

15:24 < rvokal> spevack: you haven't been here yet .. keep that for later :)

15:26 < gvarisco> guys, could I add a new row in the attendese table with flight timetables? (arrivals, departures, locations), maybe we can plan a group of people to reach Brno all together (if yes, I'll notify the change by ML as well)

15:26 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens pknirsch cheers for rvokal :)

15:26 < spevack> gvarisco: if you like, go ahead

15:26 < rvokal> pknirsch: hey phil, when are you guys coming?

15:26 < pknirsch> btw, i've talked with the IBM folks here, and seems 2 or 3 of them are coming as well :)

15:27 < pknirsch> rvokal: we'll be arriving late on Thursday via car. Roadtrip, woohooo!

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15:27 < pknirsch> rvokal: shall we directly drive to the hotel?

15:27 < rvokal> pknirsch: if you're coming soon enough, stop at the office

15:28 < rvokal> and I'll get you there

15:28 < pknirsch> rvokal: yea, ofc. but not sure when we'll get on the road from here, and the drive is 8-9h :)

15:28 < rvokal> pknirsch: but you will be probably trashed after that long trip

15:28 < pknirsch> rvokal: yea, we'll see. depends on the music in the car i guess :P

15:29 < rvokal> pknirsch: so are you guys travelling in MG or Porsche? :)

15:29 < gvarisco> rvokal: I'll arrive (if there's still seats on student agency's bus) at 8.30pm, is there a bus to take to reach the hotel?

15:29 < rvokal> gvarisco: a tram, I'll update directions on the wiki page ..

15:29 < pknirsch> rvokal: haha, nah, Nils car (5 seater) :(

15:29 < gvarisco> rvokal: ok, thanks :)

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15:30 < rvokal> anyway, if someone gets lost, don't hesitate to call me .. I'll update my profile with my mobile number

15:31 < pknirsch> alright, cool.

15:31 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens spevack needs to get bus tickets for him and greg

15:32 < rvokal> spevack: go for Student agency .. that's really the easiest way

15:32 < spevack> rvokal: yep, i'm going to follow the directions on the fudcon page for student agency

15:33 < spevack> any other details to discuss right now? Does anyone out there have any questions about FUDCon?

15:33 < rvokal> spevack: ok, I just went through the wiki page .. leaflet .. I've already created mine with the artwork from Nicu .. so that's already hanging at universities

15:33 < spevack> rvokal: brilliant!

15:34 < rvokal> spevack: hotel bill is so far 67240 + 2700 CZK

15:35 < spevack> the 2700 is the second hotel?

15:35 < rvokal> spevack: tshirts - 22000

15:35 < rvokal> spevack: 2700 is 2 nights for disabled ..

15:36 < spevack> k

15:36 < rvokal> spevack: the other hotel bill will be less than 2000CZK - 3ppl for 1 night

15:36 < spevack> ok... let me add all that up.. that's about 95 000 CZK

15:37 < spevack> which is just under $6,000 USD

15:37 < tibbs> $5701.

15:37 < spevack> so we are in great shape.

15:37 < rvokal> yep

15:37 < spevack> stickster: makes Boston's prices seem even more insane, huh?

15:37 < stickster> spevack: >:-(

15:39 < rvokal> well, that's why RH setup an office here .. and the second thing was engineers .. :)

15:39 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens stickster wants to move all FUDCons to the deep south, where people cater BBQ for 200 for $500

15:39 < pknirsch> hehe

15:39 < rvokal> :)

15:39 < gregdek> Shoot. We can get a pig pickin' for free. I know people.

15:39 < spevack> rvokal: probabl means that we have about 80k CZK to spend on food and social event, and that leaves us some buffer for other unforseen expenses

15:39 < tibbs> Hey, I'm all for redneck fudcon.

15:39 < pknirsch> yeeehhaaaa!

15:39 < rvokal> spevack: great, max, I'll go ahead and pro-order some food today

15:40 < rvokal> spevack: for the social event

15:40 < spevack> rvokal: fantastic. the biggest challenge for the social event will be the fact that we're willing to pay for everything up to some pre-determined number, but once we go above that number, people will be on their own. I imagine that might be a bit of a challenge for the restaurant.

15:40 < stickster> tibbs: We could use the opportunity to return some much needed L10n locales...

15:41 < stickster> "I cain't read no partishun tables on this here disk thingie."

15:41 < spevack> rvokal: though i am willing to front the Red Hat share of the money a day or two early, to give them confidence :)

15:41 < tibbs> I miss the old Red Hat, with the redneck translation and dancing hot dogs.

15:41 < ricky> Heheh

15:41 < rvokal> spevack: well, I'd go for drink + food on the house - Fedora .. and the rest .. everybody on their own

15:42 < rvokal> spevack: I guess that won't be needed ..

15:42 < tibbs> So where's this CZ Fudcon?

15:42 < rvokal> spevack: we just have to show up there at one point, otherwise Czech mafia would kill me ... *joking*

15:42 < spevack> heh

15:43 < rvokal> spevack: :)

15:43 < spevack> rvokal: i guess we need to figure out, if we have 80k for food, and friday, saturday, social event, and sunday to spread that 80k around, what the right way to spread it out is

15:43 < rvokal> spevack: well, that's what one US guy told me .. that we're the east, close to Russian mafia ..

15:43 < spevack> tibbs: Brno, Czech Republic is the location

15:44 < tibbs> Heh, I can get there for only $2204.

15:44 < rvokal> spevack: ok, social event .. food and drink will be 200CZK per person

15:45 < spevack> so even if everyone shows up, that's still under 25,000 CZK

15:45 < rvokal> yes

15:45 < spevack> which leaves another 50,000 CZK for food/drink during the event -- coffee and breakfast stuff on fri-Sun, and simple lunch on fri-sun

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15:46 < rvokal> spevack: and that also sounds about ok ..

15:46 < spevack> sounds pretty perfect. rvokal, you are so wonderful. I hope you don't regret too much volunteering to help organize fudcon :)

15:46 < rvokal> spevack: so we're really in good shape

15:46 < rvokal> spevack: forget it, I'm a manager, I use other people :)

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15:47 < stickster> haha

15:47 < rvokal> :)

15:47 < stickster> rvokal has minions

15:47 < spevack> rvokal: the word of the day is "delegation"

15:48 bar.txt foo.txt screens ssh-jBKwg10127 uscreens spevack has no minions, but owes lots of people favors

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15:48 < rvokal> spevack: :) .. nah, really, girls from the office booked the hotel and t-shirts .. so kudos to them as well

15:48 < spevack> rvokal: maybe you can give me a list of their names in email, so i can thank them all in public.

15:48 < rvokal> spevack: sure, will send that to you

15:53 < spevack> only 10 days to go :) very exited

15:53 < spevack> er, excited

15:53 < spevack> i won't be exited until it's time to leave ;P

15:54 < G> *cough* *cough*

15:54 < G> :P

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15:59 < rvokal> spevack: ok, I'll talk to you during this week ..

16:00 < rvokal> got to go now

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16:01 < spevack> rvokal: ok, thanks for your time!

16:02 < rvokal> spevack: thak you too, cu soon