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FUDCon Pune Website

All the tasks are being tracked via

How to setup?

For any other help with website setup contact:



We intend to have a website where we can keep track of:

* Events - like FUDCon Milan, FUDCon India etc, separately on the same installation
* Speakers - with their profile
* Sessions - with attachments ( presentations etc. )
* Voting for the sessions
* Parallel Tracks  and Rooms
* Time Slots
* Pre-scheduled slots - like lunch/tea break etc.
* Attendee Registrartion
* Payment ( in case an event is a paid event ) - we won't need it I guess.
* Scheduling of event across tracks
* Sponsors


* Sep 19 18:00pm IST - IRC Log
 * Discussed about the plan in general
 * Discussed about OpenID vs FAS vs LastUser
 * Discussed about Drupal on OpenShift
 * Need to obtain a hosing space/domain from Kushal Das. Till then we will use the cloud hosting space ( which vaidik has ), for development.
 * Create this wiki page.


* Website Design & Theme
* Setup repository for the website
* Configure COD to meet our requirements

IA/Navigation: This is a proposed IA for the FUDCon website. Mether, tuxdna, shrink - change it as you please.

* Conference
 * About FUDCon
 * Venue
 * Sessions
 * Schedule
 * Promote FUDCon
* Pune
 * About Pune
 * Travel
 * Accommodation
 * Places to see
* Community
 * About Fedora India
 * FUDPub

How to develop for FUDCon website? Just follow these steps and let us know if you have need any help.

* Pull the latest work done from the Git repo. -
* Get the latest database dump from the server.
* Modify sites/default/settings.php to work with your local mysql server.
* Populate the local mysql database with the downloaded dump.
* Work locally.
* When done, check the repo for changes by other collaborators (i.e. us) by pulling the latest copy. Merge and resolve conflicts.
* Push to the repository.
* Go to the server and pull the latest changes for testing.