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This page tracks the budget for the FUDCon:Panama 2011 event.


Key: FE = Fedora Engineering; CA = Community Architecture. Villas costs are expressed as $60 for 3 nights, double occupancy. So for every 2 people, it's a $120 cost.

Estimated cost
! Item FE Q1 CA Q1 FE Q2 CA Q2 FE Q3 CA Q3
Rooms and equipment Sponsored (CdS) 2000
Printing and materials (badges, etc.) 250
Printing and materials (Poster and Fliyers, etc.) (UTP) 300
Food, drink, hospitality
Coffee/danish for 150 300
FUDPub food & space (Sat) (space: ) 1500
Swag Sponsored 900
3@ Airfare from Fedora Eng
12@ Villa Sponsor by Cidetys-pa 900
4@ Airfare from Fedora Eng
4@ Airfare from Fedora Eng
Travel subsidies, airfares and hotel
(these need to be broken out by quarter)
Hospitality suite (Fri)
Hack suite (Fri-Sun)

Running total: $. Don't panic. Some of these costs can be spread to Q2 and Q3, and also to the cost center which has a significant set aside.

Important note:


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