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Below are the sponsorship levels for the Fedora Users and Developers Conference in North America. We expect between 100-400 attendees over 3 full days.

Based information on FUDCON TEMPE

All Sponsors

All sponsors will receive at least the following items as part of the sponsorship:

  • Images and links to the sponsors website on the FUDCon Panama 2011 webpage

Pricing Details

All sponsorships below are detailed as 'Approximate'. FUDCon prefers that the sponsor pay for the item detailed. For instance, paying for the entire FUDPub is the recommended way to sponsor. The Fedora Project does not have a simple way of accepting payment nor does it desire to manage money. One benefit of this arrangement is the sponsor can price out and possibly get a better deal with vendors on their own. However, Fedora volunteers will be happy to finalize as much of the arrangements as is convenient for sponsors.

Sponsorship Pricing

Package Description Pricing
Breakfast (Thuesday or Friday) Provide and pay for breakfast for all registered attendees. Fedora volunteers will arrange the details with ASU Catering. There will be a set amount of registered attendees. Approx $750/day
Lunch (Saturday) Provide and pay for lunch for all registered attendees. Fedora volunteers will arrange the details with ASU Catering. Approx. $800
T-Shirts Provide t-shirts for all pre-registered attendees. There will be a set number of pre-registered attendees who receive t-shirts. Approx $1250
FUDPub Sponsor the traditional FUDPub social event after a long day at FUDCon Approx $2,500
Attendee Sponsorship Many attendees need funding to make it to the venue. As this is a participatory conference, every sponsorship helps. From $250
General Sponsor Provide a simple sponsorship with things like printing, soda, etc. From $300
Audio / Visual Sponsor Provide audio and video setup to record all presentations and hackfests Approx $2,500
sponsorship type Short description and benefit for sponsor Approximate cost

Sponsorship Manager

If at any point you have any questions about sponsoring FUDCon LATAM 2011, please feel free to contact the sponsorship manager @