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This page is for estimating breakfast costs for FUDCon:Tempe_2011.

Current Proposed Breakfast


An approximate cost for breakfast for 150 attendees is $600. Catering would be through ASU Catering, via their "Simple Takeaways" menu. FOOD WILL HAVE TO BE PICKED UP. Someone will have to help Robyn do this! All utensils / plates / cups / etc. are included.

  • Food: $335.73
  • Coffee/OJ/Tea: $147.88
  • Sodas: $60
  • Total before sales tax: $543.71
  • 8.3% sales tax in tempe: $45.12
  • Total: $588.84

Current Proposed Menu

Proposed Menu is through ASU Catering. This probably involves the least headaches as far as paperwork, and as a bonus, is also the cheapest option for the menu items we're looking at.

Specifically: This menu comes from ASU's "Simple Takeaways" Menu. This means we have to PICK UP THE FOOD. I am willing to go pick up the food, however, I will need helpers.

Please note that I am not Martha Stewart, however, I have read on the always-correct interwebz that having an allocation of 1.5 pieces of bread/pastry/bagel is a good allotment for this type of activity. I've also included seasonal fruit as an option for vegetarians (who can probably eat bagels and so forth) and more importantly vegan friends (since most of the listed items involve milk, eggs, and hopefully I'm not offending anyone with my lack of knowledge about what is involved in certain types of diets.)

If anyone has any other breakfast dietary needs (sorry, "I am a bacon-o-tarian" is not an option unless we find very nice food sponsors) please let me know. We want to do the best to accommodate everyone.


  • 8 Dozen Bagels + Cream Cheese (15.99/dozen): $127.92 - 96 servings
  • 5 dozen danishes (8.99/dozen): $44.95 - 60 servings
  • 4 loaves breakfast bread (6.99/loaf, 12ish slices/loaf): $27.96 - 48 servings
  • 5 dozen muffins (6.99/dozen): $34.95 - 60 servings
  • 5 Trays seasonal fruit ("serves 10" - $19.99/tray) - $99.95
  • Total: $335.73


  • 7 Gallons coffee (1 gallon = 20 6oz servings, 14.39/gallon): 100.73
  • 1 gallon hot tea "selection": $13.59
  • 2 gallons orange juice (10.39/gallon): $20.78
  • 2 gallons iced tea (6.39/gallon): $12.78
  • Total: $147.88

Canned Soda

Note that there is an option through ASU to have an organization (Red Hat!) donate food or drinks to a student organization or organization sponsoring an event. It is a piece of paper that has to be filled out and approved. In doing this, we can buy soda (or other food, but really, costs would be fairly similar) and provide that for ourselves, rather than paying .79 / can of soda. My total budget cost includes the assumed price of .79 cents a can through ASU until we can determine how exactly to go about "donating" drinks.

Buy on our own: 3 packs coke; 2 packs pepsi; 1 packs diet coke; 1 packs diet pepsi; 1 packs sprite; 1 packs mountain dew, 3-24 packs water. By my overestimates, we can buy canned soda at (worst case) price of $4/pack, and bottled water at $4/24-pack. Total cost here would be $40 for soda, and $12 for water, grand total of $52.

Buy through Catering: Would probably go a little easier and buy 75 cans of soda, and maybe no bottled water. 75 cans @ .79/ea = 59.25. I'll call it $60 for rounding.

Costs through Various Vendors

Several vendors are being considered, and final choice may depend upon ASU rules for catering.


  • Food has been split out from beverage costs, in the event that we can have beverages "donated" (this will reduce costs greatly).
  • Trying to compare costs by having a similar menu from each place investigated. See above for "proposed menu."
  • Some places also have menus that have a basic per person cost. Those have also been noted.

ASU Catering

ASU Catering - Simple Takeaways

This is a breakfast that we would *pick up* from Catering. Simple Takeaways Menu can be seen here. Note that (as far as I can see) costs do not include tableware (ie: plates, napkins, cups, utensils, etc.)


  • Danish: $8.99 (per dozen)
  • Muffins: $6.99 (per dozen)
  • Breakfast Breads (loaf): $6.99
  • Bagels and cream cheese: $15.99
  • Seasonal Fruit tray (serves 10): $19.99


  • Fresh coffee: $14.39 (per gallon, 20 6oz servings)
  • Hot tea selection: $13.59 (per gallon)
  • Fruit juices: $10.39
  • Canned soda: $.79/ea
  • Bottled water: $1.25/ea

ASU Catering - Everyday Menu

ASU Everyday Catering Menu can be seen here. This includes delivery, setup, utensils, silverware, etc.

Fixed Price Menus

  • MINI CONTINENTAL $7.99 (per person)
    • Includes Miniature Muffins, Danish, Croissants and Bagels; served with Butter, Fruit Preserves and Cream Cheese, Fresh Seasonal Sliced Fruit, Fresh Assorted Juices, Gourmet Coffee, Decaf and Hot Tea.
  • QUICK START $8.99 (per person)
    • Assorted Muffins, Danish and Scones, with Fresh Seasonal Sliced Fruit, Fresh Assorted Juices, Gourmet Coffee, Decaf and Hot Tea.
    • Assorted Pastries, Scrambled Eggs, Crisp Bacon, Sausage Links or Sausage Patties, choice of Breakfast Potato, Gourmet Coffee, Decaf and Hot Tea

A la carte / by the dozen per person items

  • Assorted Bagels with Butter, Cream Cheese and Preserves $1.99
  • Fresh Seasonal Sliced Fruit $2.99
  • Fresh Assorted Juices $1.49
  • Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea Service $1.49
  • Chai Tea $1.49
  • Granola Bars $1.59

by the dozen items

  • Breakfast Breads: $11.99 Priced per loaf. Fresh-baked breads; 12 slices per loaf; Seasonal varieties including banana, pumpkin, lemon poppy seed, low fat, zucchini, cranberry.
  • Mini Scones: $11.99
  • Cinnamon Rolls: $15.99
  • Petite Croissants: $14.99
  • Assorted Danishes: $14.99
  • Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese: $17.99
  • Assorted Mini Muffins: $11.99


Chompies: Catering Menu

  • Per Person: Scrambler (minimum 12) $7.95 per person: Scrambled eggs, with your choice of bacon, ham or turkey sausage. Also served with home fries, bagels and plain

cream cheese.

  • Fruit Platter: Fruit Platter A delightful fresh fruit display of watermelon, honeydew, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries & kiwi. Small (serves 10-12) $29.95; Medium (serves 15-18) $44.95; Large (serves 20-25) $59.95
  • Continental Breakfast (minimum 12) $7.25 pp Fresh fruit tray, mini muffins, mini fruit danish, bagels, plain and veggie cream cheese spread.
  • European Breakfast (minimum 12) $8.25 pp Mini croissants, strawberry cream cheese, butter, orange marmalade, mini pecan rolls, mini cheese pockets, and mini scones, served with fresh fruit salad
  • Granola Bar (minimum 12) $6.50 pp Strawberry yogurt, granola, raisins, blueberries & fresh fruit salad.
  • Coffee add $1.25 per person
  • Flavored Coffee add $1.25 per person
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice add $12.95 a gallon
  • Bottled Water add $1.25
  • Bagel Tray $19.95 each Your choice of 13 bagels served with your choice of two delicious cream cheese spreads.

Einstein Bros.

  • Mixed Bagels and Sweets Nosh Box® - $37.99 Serves up to 21 An assortment of 9 breakfast sweets and 12 bagels with 2 double whipped cream cheese shmear, honey butter and preserves.
  • Bagel and Shmear Nosh Box® - $27.99 Serves up to 24 24 fresh baked bagels and 4 tubs of our double whipped cream cheese shmear.
  • Group Yogurt Parfait - $10.99 Serves up to 8 Blueberries & fresh strawberries layered with Activia® vanilla yogurt served with a side of granola.
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit (serves up to 20): $38.99
  • Darn Good Coffee® To Go - $15.99 Serves up to 10 Your choice of one of our 5 fresh brewed coffee blends conveniently served in a portable & pourable box.
  • Orange Juice - $12.99 Serves up to 10 1 gallon of premium orange juice
  • Bottled Soft Drinks, $1.79
  • Bottled Water, $1.89

ASU Catering Rules

For Reference - Other Item Costs

This is a list of other items that may or may not be needed - cost points are here for reference. Most of the items are costs at Sam's Club (I has a membership!--Rbergero 06:08, 17 August 2010 (UTC))

Utensils / Plates / Cups

Note: In most cases, catering / food providers provide these items.

  • Hefty® Supreme" Plates - 250 ct (8") - $11.22
  • Hefty Compartment Plates - 175ct - 10.25" - $11.28
  • Hefty supreme Bowls - 300ct - 12oz - $7.88
  • Cutlery - 130ea knife/fork/spoon - 9.42
  • Gold Medal 12oz coffee lids - 1k - 32.47
  • Gold Medal Insulated 12oz coffee cups - 1k - 37.78

Coffee type stuff

Land O'Lakes Mini Moo's half and half - 192 ct - 7.78


  • Kellogg's® Nutri-Grain® Variety Pack 48/1.3 oz. - $11.38
  • 36-count bags of Chex mix - 9.26
  • Frito Lay Big Grab Variety Pack - 30 "big grab" bags - lays, doritos, fritos, cheetos, bbq lays, doritos ranch - 9.98
  • Vegetable Tray - 4lb - 8.98


  • Soda - 24 12oz cans - 5.98
  • Arrowhead water: 28/20oz bottles - 5.48
  • Red bull - 24 8.3oz cans - 33.88
  • Rockstar - 24 16oz cans - 27.97

Links to Stuff - will in-line later