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Panel Discussion: Developers and System Admins: Working Together

Developers and System Administrators have different priorities. In Fedora Infrastructure we have a surprisingly balanced number of system admins and developers. Sharing how we work together to create better software is a valuable thing to share with the community. Sharing how we currently fail can open us up to doing better next time and let others share their experiences with our problems.


  • mmcgrath
  • smooge
  • dgilmore
  • skvidal
  • abadger1999
  • mdomsch
  • lmacken
  • J5


The general topic here is how we work together as a team in Fedora Infrastructure and also how we fail to work together as a team. Specific topics will largely be driven by the audience. We'll let them ask questions and we can each give answers in a free-form manner. If there's not a plethora of questions, I'll pull topics and questions off of the following list to discuss.

  • What are some of the things you've had conflicts about?
  • How have you mitigated those problems for the future?
  • What kind of processes do you/could you have to identify pain points and fix them?
  • What are your major goals as a system administrator?
  • What are your major goals as a developer?
  • How do you reconcile those goals?
  • Who makes the final decisions in Fedora Infrastructure?
  • What are some of the trade offs you make to work with developers/system administrators?
  • What are some of the benefits of having such a mixed workforce?
  • If you're a developer, do you get input from the system admins when designing your application?
  • If you're a sys admin, do you consult your programmers about things they will be needing in the near future?
  • What's your least favorite thing to hear a developer/system admin say?
  • What things do you do to promote communication between sys admins and developers?