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This is the final schedule.
If you are a speaker and you find a mistake in this schedule, it is your responsibility to resolve it, both here on the wiki and on the physical grid.

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Time Leonidas Features Freedom Friends First
1000 Keynote - Paul W. Frields
1100 Virtualization - Richard W. M. Jones and Mark McLoughlin Quality of Linux Distros Overview of Wireless for (Aspiring) Hackers Control Groups (Resource Management) Koji @ CERN / EKG
1200 Licensing and DMCA - Tom 'spot' Callaway Moblin and Netbook Support for F12 - Peter Robinson Ambassadors (How, Why, EventBox) - Yaakov Nemoy ABRT (Automated Bug Reporting Tool) - Radek Vokal and Zdenek Prikryl Localization and Transifex
1400 RPM Fusion - Thorsten Leemhuis Git for Hackers - Yaakov Nemoy Fedora on S/390 Bacula Packaging PulseCaster - Paul W. Frields
1500 Security - Josh Bressers, et al. WLAN Q&A, Power Saving, and Freifunk Fedora Community - Máirín Duffy Bacula FD Plugins Configuration Management with Puppet and What's Next
1600 RPM Roadmap - Florian Festi UI Design Clinic - Máirín Duffy Secure Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Fedora Development Cycle 3.0 - Jesse Keating Cloud Computing, Fedora, Symbolic, and Simon - Francesco Crippa & Jeroen van Meeuwen
1700 Power Management - Phil Knirsch Auto QA - Jesse Keating Fedora: For Whom, What, Why? - Andreas Thienemann Art for Fedora 12 Fedora Spins SIG and Revisor