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Richard Jones works for Red Hat based in London, UK. He works with the virtualization team on projects including: libvirt, libguestfs, virt tools, P2V, V2V, Fedora, the Windows cross-compiler and the Fedora OCaml project.

Mark McLoughlin also works for Red Hat but is based in Dublin, Ireland. Recently he has been co-ordinating the Fedora virtualization efforts while also trying to find time to work on libvirt, kvm, qemu, networking, virtio and device assignment. Once upon a time he hacked on GNOME, but that's long forgotten now.


Rich and Mark will give a whirlwind tour of virtualization support in Fedora. They will explain why virtualization is important, give some history on its availability in Fedora, describe how libvirt plays a crucial role and show off some of the cool new (and old) features available in Fedora 11.


The slides from the talk are available here.