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FUDCon Live is a process for capturing FUDCon content and relaying it to remote participants, either through IRC, AV streaming, or other means.

If you're organizing the event

Overall event organizers (for instance, the planning team for a FUDCon) should coordinate with the FUDCon Live planners; this page is so you know what this "FUDCon Live" thing you'll be interfacing with is all about.

If you're organizing FUDCon Live for the event

Organizers of a FUDCon Live should look at the FUDCon Live organization process for the things they need to do.

If you're physically at the event

If you're at an event with a FUDCon Live presence, please consider volunteering to transcribe one or more sessions. Instructions are available at FUDCon:How To Transcribe a Session, and the FUDCon and FUDCon Live coordinators for your event will point you to more specific instructions (if they don't, ask them to!)

You can also use the same interface as remotees, even if you're physically at an event - for instance, if you're sitting in the room for one talk but are interested in what's happening with another, you're a "remotee" for that session and should follow the instructions for remote participants.

If you're remote

If you're a remote participant for an event that you know has a FUDCon Live presence, refer to the FUDCon Live page for that event for specific participation instructions.

Generally, remote participation consists of the following:

  1. A schedule grid (typically on the event's wiki) of the Barcamp sessions that will be running to the event
  2. An IRC channel for each track/room of the event
  3. A location to view streaming video/audio for each track/room of the event

The IRC channel will also be displayed on a projector thrown on the side wall of the physical presentation room, so anything you type in the IRC channel will be visible for all attendees in the room to see.